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    Andy Brown

    “Google is an ideal partner to advance our mission,” Fitbit CEO James Park said in a release Friday. “With Google’s resources and global platform, Fitbit will be able to accelerate innovation in the wearables category, scale faster, and make health even more accessible to everyone.

    Clearly they are going after Apple, which continues to lead in the wearables category.

    This has no direct impact on most of us, but as big companies become bigger, the notion that taxing them to pay for “medicare for all” seems counter productive. You and me, for the most part, can’t up and leave our homes and move to escape taxes. Big businesses have done that in the past and can do that in the future. Along with them go the many support jobs that are now here. Congress will never pass medicare for all. It’s not a solution. You can’t put an end to the insurance industry in a capitalistic country, no matter how bad the Republicans are running it. The Democratic candidates need to start talking more about getting rid of drumpf and fixing the damage he’s done. Undo his damage to the ACA first, then talk to me about what to do next. Put the money that’s been robbed by Republicans back into SS first. Fix Medicaid first. Predicating everything on new taxes is a losing strategy. The public knows that it’s about jobs and pay, and chasing off huge corporations won’t create new jobs or raise any worker’s pay scale. Haven’t we learned this by now? Talk about taking away the tax breaks drumpf and the GOP put in place, not about “new” taxes. There’s a big difference in the way that is perceived as opposed to “raising” taxes. Sometimes the entire crop of politicians leave me exasperated. It’s going to be a long year.


    Let them move.

    The rest of the developed world gets this right. Those companies are in those places, happy to still make insane amounts of money.

    They will, or someone else will, be happy to make insane amounts of money here too.

    What you are saying is Americans have to die for lack of care so a much smaller number of Americans feel they get enough.

    Wont work man. People will be in the streets if need be.

    Right now, those same companies are spending large amounts of money in the UK to try and take them into the mess we have. At the same time, pro corporate politicians have been defunding and degrading the NHS, much like we have been doing to the Post Office, to cultivate artificial public discontent.

    I do not expect that to go well.

    This is raw, unbridled greed killing people to make max money possible.

    Andy Brown

    “The rest of the developed world gets this right.”

    Because they aren’t entrenched in irreversible capitalism. We are. I didn’t say I like it, but unlike the extreme left I still have a clear head about what’s possible and what is not possible.

    “What you are saying is Americans have to die for lack of care so a much smaller number of Americans feel they get enough.”

    Wrong. That’s not what I said and you know it. Don’t be a doofus, Doug.

    What I’m saying is that some policies can not be had in one easy step in the American political system. Get your head out of the clouds. Candidates are all about a huge sales job to get votes because sadly the GOP has created a culture of non-education. They (GOP) dream of a fascist culture and the response to that, at least in America, should not be proposing equally radical shifts in the other direction. Yes, radical. It was difficult to get the ACA passed, but then we got drumpf and a GOP Congress that fucked it up so it doesn’t work right. Throwing out the baby with the bath water won’t work. There is no other country you can compare us to. None.


    Oh, so people just need to keep dying? Hardly.

    Fact is we can afford to do it right. It will cost everyone less.

    Less, not more. There is a change cost, but the run cost is less.

    There is carnage everywhere. People absolutely will fight about this. I will for sure. Got dead people in my own family and a lot of financial carnage to remind me.

    Not OK.

    Want more Trump? Better hope they can impeach him. Pence may be better, easier to beat.

    We post up an idiot who won’t deal on health care and we will lose the general election.


    Medicare for All is a pipe dream.

    It will never pass the Senate. End of story.

    I’m more interested in hearing ideas on how to improve access to healthcare and to lowering costs THAT ACTUALLY HAS BETTER THAN 1% CHANCE of actually happening.

    Andy Brown

    “We post up an idiot who won’t deal on health care and we will lose the general election.”

    The candidates that are proffering detailed solutions are wasting their breath.

    Campaign promises hardly ever get fulfilled anywhere close to the form that they are presented in during a campaign.

    Even if Warren wins, she’s not going to be able to get anything close to what she’s proposing. Sanders won’t get what he wants, either. The odds are that the GOP will still be running the Senate. So fight all you want, but the reality is bleak. Even if Warren wins AND the Senate majority shifts parties, there won’t be a way past the filibuster.

    Get real, Doug. The country did not get this way over night and it won’t get fixed quickly just because any candidate beats drumpf.

    “Some candidates use Medicare-for-all to establish themselves as bold progressives or moderate pragmatists. The Trump administration uses it as a point of attack. But voters don’t know what it actually means, and none of the candidates explain it.”

    If America wasn’t so steeped in capitalistic driven greed, a single payer system would be possible. I certainly would welcome it, but to get there will take more than what you are willing to admit.

    The bottom line for me is simple, whomever wins the Democratic nomination gets my vote in the general election. Getting rid of drumpf is paramount. Thinking that campaign promises will soon become reality is just not sound thinking.


    Then it will be in the streets, nobody happy, until we see real change.

    The status quo is unacceptable.

    And like I said, the current mess is a direct, material threat to me and mine. I believe significant unrest is what it will take too.



    Good luck on the streets.


    Like you care. You don’t. That’s fine too.

    I do not expect it. But, there is a cost for that bit of consideration, and that is your barbs basically have zero impact.

    Real change is not going to be nice. Andy said why. He is not wrong.

    And just look around the world. Tons of ordinary people are done with neoliberal economics, and they have long been done with neoconservatives.

    From here, it would be great to see more of you on board with great health care policy. Feel free to walk it back anytime.

    While time passes, it is about mobilizing everyone we can.

    There really is not a thing any of you can say that can compete with the death and harm mine have seen. Think about it. Why would it?


    Get over yourself. You’re fringe. No different than the Freedom caucus. And you’ll get nowhere just like them because the majority think you’re bat shit nuts.


    Missing: “Then it will be in the streets, nobody happy, until we see real change.”

    Why aren’t you already out there, if this is so important to you? What are you waiting for?

    Better yet, why aren’t you actually getting candidates who support your agenda elected to Congress in more than a few lefty-left districts?


    Hardly fringe. Just know, I know you continue that inane garbage for you. Cheap feel good.

    Andrew, the main work right now is movement building. There are several orgs, with Nurses Unions being most prominent, doing outreach, organizing and education. Those are building quite nicely. Consider giving some of your time and or dollars. I am doing both.

    The other big effort is basically the Sanders campaign and related orgs, Our Revolution and Justice Democrats, helping to make M4A a primary issue in progressive, small money campaigns.

    The goal has been to bring it to front and center in 2020. Then win as many elections as possible to add onto the wins to date.

    If Bernie becomes POTUS, then it gets on the agenda that way. He will call for action, depending on what is needed.

    It will all be opposed, because money as already stated, and correctly too.

    At that time, it may be people hit the streets.

    If Bernie is not POTUS, all the orgs and office holders will work toward the same goal. Same outcome.

    Every year of action has seen massive growth. This one and next year will probably double the ones prior.

    This will come to a clear head next year. More aggressive actions after that.

    I said it here years prior. Health care is issue number one.

    I also said why too. Constant and aggressive cost and risk increases. Those are hitting very large numbers of Americans now as the mandate plus basic failure to contain costs inherent in the ACA, coupled with consolidation in healthcare both play out how critics at the time said they would.

    Also, back then, I said the ACA cost failure coupled with the extremely unpopular mandate, would prove to be an effective catalyst for this movement in play today too.

    Most of you parroted the garbage aired on TV, and it made as much sense then as it does now.

    What you did not know back then, and neither did I until 2016, was many of the more effective players today began the work playing out today.

    Trust me, I harbor zero shame and mean every word and am not alone. Knowing that makes the lame attempts to hide self serving behavior behind weak insults laughable.

    Yeah, at you. Not with you.


    Andy, who said anything about overnight?

    Nobody expects that. Will not happen.

    But it will also never happen without doing the work needed to make it happen.

    This is that work.

    Funny too. Every single thing ever said about how to do that work is playing out. Did any of you actually think about what it meant?

    I tend to wonder now. Not sure you did.

    Re: wins

    Andrew, we have them. Sanders just got one of the most coveted endorsements in the party possible from AOC.

    Warren just released an entirely viable, plausible plan, making two very reasonable proposals on the table from two solid progressives who both stand an excellent chance at getting the party nom.

    Love it.

    Pete? What was said just days ago, strong fourth?



    Senate will never pass it.

    But it will be a losing proposition in the general.


    That program has viewer share that competes with MSNBC, FOX and CNN combined, under age 45.

    Hardly fringe, hardly a losing proposition.

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