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    Dan Packard

    Next to the internet, I think this is the most revolutionary new product to be launched in my lifetime: Google’s new VR headset with advanced haptics for realistic 4D touch. Get your order in soon.

    Official blog release


    Interesting to note that the early adopters of this technology were in fact born thousands of years ago!


    This technology seems to suffer from that perception of it being almost *too* real, much like early videotape programming seemed. Actual reality isn’t as perfectly rendered as this new technology seems to make it.


    This morning, Google is more concerned about cleaning all of the shit they smeared all over themselves with this year’s April Fool’s Joke.

    Google causing people to lose their jobs as Gmail April Fools’ day joke backfires

    “…Google’s idea of an April Fools’ Day joke was to add an alternative send button to Gmail, allowing users to have the final say in an email thread by adding an explanatory GIF to “set expectations” and never see any responses to the email again. This is how it was meant to work:

    Google rolled the service out to consumers at midnight on April 1, but almost immediately it has been forced to remove the feature as users voiced their anger. Technologist and blogger Andy Baio called the move “short sighted” and that it would cause a huge amount of damage. “Changing sent email like that without confirmation is an incredible betrayal of trust. The damage from this prank is just getting started.”

    Among those who inadvertently sent an email with the included GIF was this writer who says he has lost his job as a result.”

    Dan Packard

    You know that’s funny — sort of. I got that yellow mic-drop icon on my smart phone last night when I was right in the middle of trying to send out some important Gmails. I thought, what the hell is this? Very distracting and un-nerving. I agree, the Gmail interface is not the place to foist pranks.

    YouTube videos, on the other hand . . . Oh well, too many of us take things much too seriously. Today is the day to laugh and enjoy life.


    Does anybody have the mic drop .GIF?

    Dan Packard

    Here’s a still of what it looked like:
    Introducing Gmail Mc drop

    “Just send your message with the new Mic Drop icon”, lol:

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