Golf Cart Zone In Ridgefield, Wash

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    The region’s first golf cart zone will open this summer in Ridgefield, Wash.

    The Ridgefield City Council created a golf cart zone for downtown Ridgefield, to provide citizens enhanced mobility options in the downtown district.

    The golf cart zone will allow golf cart travel in downtown Ridgefield, promoting access to shopping, dining opportunities, parks, and other public services. The zone’s boundaries will be from the City limit on N Main St., south to Shobert St., and east to N Ninth Ave. The boundaries will be clearly signed, to promote enhanced awareness of mixed traffic. There will be no new roadways or paths built for golf carts, as golf carts are able to travel at the legal 25 mph speed limit.

    The City of Ridgefield is the first jurisdiction in Clark County to take advantage of this new transportation option, but is building on experiences of cities across Washington and beyond. The golf cart zone is one of many initiatives the Ridgefield City Council has been pursuing to help connect citizens with their community. Other 2015 initiatives include creating an action plan for building traffic improvements throughout the city, and a multi-modal master plan that identifies and plans for needed sidewalk, bike path, and trail improvements.


    A few years ago I would have thought this is idiotic, but I am reconsidering. I live on a golf course these days, and I have noticed that some golfers on this private course have WA State license plates on their carts. My guess is the only reason they do is so they can drive on public streets, perhaps just to get to and from the course, but the ramifications may go beyond that. The question is how do these carts interact with auto traffic? What about lights, and other safety issues? Still a lot to learn about this concept. But as the population ages, some food for thought.

    PS—I believe this to be common in certain communities in Florida, who would think WA would have anything in common with FL.

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