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    Give this guy some time. Pull up a chair, get your coffee, splash it with something good. (I did, Jesus, what a mess!)

    Last time I wrote on what happened, I got told to fuck off, well not quite. (and it’s OK, no worries, I trust and respect)

    But, I’ve been out and about. Flat out, I’m seeking, because a shift is in play. This is not the usual crap we are getting on the news.

    I very strongly encourage you to set aside the blame game. Depending on what we valued and how we were invested and why, we will have different thoughts about that.

    Maybe it resolves, maybe it does not.

    Doesn’t matter! Really.

    What does?

    Why are we here? What happened? How are up and coming voters different from most other voters? As people age out, what does it mean?

    Better, what’s the path to a better future?

    This guy has a great analysis on what drives this outcome, and it’s worth thinking about.


    I’m bumping this. You only need the first 20 to 30 minutes to get the meat of it.

    The reason I’m doing it is for our own damn good. Democrats are flirting with learning absolutely nothing from this total kick to the sack.

    Dems, myself included, need to understand the root cause of failure, and that root cause I’d poor performance for labor and the middle class.

    We either step up, take this left and come back big, or Trump will be the beginning g of a long hard slog.

    I don’t want that. At. All.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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