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    “There was time when strangers were welcome here.”


    Uh, No…

    Actually there was a time when an immigrant had to have a sponsor waiting at Ellis Island to vouch for them.

    And there was a time that the stranger had to assimilate into the American Culture.

    Oh yeah, and there was a time that there actually was an American Culture.


    Perhaps you could elucidate. I was always told that the “American Culture” is actually an amalgam of the numeours cultures that have come to this land and melded together over the year. There’s actually no such thing as “American Culture,” unless you want to count gun worship.


    Yes the American Culture was an assimilation. Speaking English, tolerance, democratic (small d,) capitalistic values… Swearing an oath of allegiance to the constitution and the nation, understanding the bill of rights, etc.

    The opposite of which is “multiculturalism” where immigrants stick to their old ways and become insular communities separate from the greater culture.


    Notalent – our culture is evolving, I would imagine much more so than most other countries, and a large part of that is because of the infusion of other cultures into American society.

    Maybe I’m in the minority here, but not oh do I not see a problem with that, but I think it’s great!!


    I’m with you, Brian…meeting people from around the Earth enriches my life and expands my worldview. Meanwhile, the current driver of the GOP Klown Kar wants us to goosestep to Auschwitz:

    Trump won’t rule out database, special ID for Muslims in US


    I also notice that the refugee haters are trying to downplay this little nugget of history:

    Anne Frank Was a Refugee Denied Entrance to the United States

    “With refugees at the center of debate this week, the plight of European Jews fleeing Nazi Germany during the ’30s and ’40s springs to mind as a parallel to our current crisis. Now, it has come to attention that Anne Frank’s own family was among those denied the necessary papers that would have allowed them access to the United States.

    According to documents released in 2007 by the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Anne Frank’s father sought money in order to secure a visa to the US. That visa request which was ultimately denied. Otto Frank and his family, including Anne, then decided to go into hiding in 1942 after Margot Frank received an order to report to one of the “work camps.””


    Of course our culture evolves. Nobody is suggesting it should remain static. We all would be without Pizza and Gyros if it had not evolved.

    Assimilation is the driver of cultural evolution.

    If all immigrants kept to themselves and maintained islands of their own world within ours we would not have cultural evolution.

    When populations subdivide into individual groups and do not join a greater culture that is the best way for power mongers of all persuasions to play one group against the other.


    I agree Notalent, but it’s not that easy. A couple factors are in play here; first is the human nature to draw to and congregate with those most like you. That’s why you have “Little Mexicos”, “Little Italys” in large urban areas.

    The second part is the income disparity prevalent – us white folks make more than African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, etc. and cannot afford to live in the suburbs like many of us can and do.

    Also, there is still a huge trust issue in today’s America when it comes to racial relations. I read an article in today’s USA Today that points to that pretty point blank – it was about a Syrian refugee family, fully vetted by the UN and deemed safe and not a threat in any way, that is now living in Florida. Instead of being in fear of their lives by ISIS and other Syrians, they are in fear of their lives from Americans. We have had racial tensions in Missouri, New York, Florida, and many other places in the last couple of years.

    How are we supposed to be the melting pot we are alleged to be, should be, when our immigrants and their ancestors, our racial and religious minorities, aren’t included, or perceived to be?


    The ugly answer is to really push back on fear and shame based policy and norms.

    If we actually can’t make the assumption that most people are good people, and do the reasonable, dignified work to qualify them, then we are screwed!

    I’m serious.

    If that default assumption is one of people being bad people, we will end up doing ourselves and the world more harm than good.

    Of course, this default good assumption carries risks, but I would submit, the default bad assumption carries greater risks, and a near constant cost too.

    It’s either worth it to be who we are*, or not.

    So which is it?

    Put another way, how we make that value judgement determines who we are. A lot of us are not on board with the risks, and are turning away from the world, not extending trust, etc…

    Will they dominate? Have we lost who we are and what we say we stand for?

    Everyone is asking this question. Perfectly Orwellian, isn’t it?


    More Mexicans and their children, some who are Mexican American, have left the U.S. than have migrated here during most of the administration of President Barack Obama, according to a report released Thursday by Pew Research Center.

    The overwhelming reason for returning to Mexico was to reunite with family or after starting a family.

    That finding by Pew Research Center contrasts with the descriptions of Mexican migration as a crisis and out of control that have been heard from the GOP primary campaign trail this year.

    Yet another GOP talking point proven to be false.


    Our country is full of terrorists. We do need to be concerned about some people fleeing the terrible Middle East. Remember Waco? He was not Islam and there have been many others. For the record, most of the terrorists who killed in Paris were French & Belgium citizens.


    What? LOL


    We should be be far more concerned about these guys;

    Than these guys;


    I think that the point behind post #15556 was that it is a mistake to assume that all terrorists are Middle Eastern.

    I do like the guy with the sunglasses and the big grin in post #15556. He’s ready to PARTY!!!

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