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    I don t care where.

    Seems like we might miss Amus.

    Week 3 and 4 seem viable.

    Week night or weekend?

    How about Sat?

    Yeah or no?


    Please make sure to get a hold of me when you decide on a place, day and time. Please email me at




    Make sure F&B is invited so he can see face to face how an entire crowd of diverse people think he’s a despicable human being.



    What percentage are Republican?
    What percentage are Catholic?
    What percentage are Baptists?
    What percentage are black?
    What percentage are Hispanic?
    What percentage are women?
    What percentage are under 40?
    What percentage are pro-life?
    What percentage believe a government that governs least governs best?

    My guess is that your “diverse” group lacks much diversity, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.


    “My guess is that your “diverse” group lacks much diversity”

    F&B, if you do attend, you’ll find that we all are way more alike than different. And despite Vit’s vitriol, I do hope you attend – it could only improve the interactions you have with others on this board, and they with you.


    I would consider attending if I’m welcome and can fit it into my schedule, though it might be awkward considering some of those I would meet say very hateful things to me here and are striving to drive me off the board. And I honestly don’t understand it or the anger. It’s just a discussion…

    Andy Brown

    “And I honestly don’t understand it”

    Read your own posts sometime, ace.

    That’s a prime example of your snow blindness. Only a feckless individual would respond in that way. Your arrogance really shows when you react to the statement of one person and condemn the whole board with your little rant putting everyone else in a neat little cubby hole of “not diverse” for your convenience. You just keep digging your own hole, deeper and deeper.


    Yes, Jerry, we are an extremely diverse group.

    It’s more than black, white, Hispanic, Asian, gay, straight, conservative, liberal, rich, poor.

    It’s a group of fantastic people, from different backgrounds, different skill sets, different age brackets, different interests, different economic and income brackets, in many ways COMPLETELY different, who have one thing that bonds and ties them together – this place – getting together, talking, having genuine fun with people they genuinely like, care for, and admire. Our differences, our baggage, our egos, are checked at the door.




    Is there a fork in this?


    Yeah, third Saturday this month.

    Need a venue. If nobody has suggestions by the end of the week, I’ll pick one.

    Andy Brown

    I think it just needs to be more in the future so most people won’t have previous commitments. Like after Easter, Passover and Tax day.

    April 19th, Sunday. Not much going on except a 10 k race for the roses in Downtown and the Pet Fair at the Expo. No major concerts (The Dead Milkmen). The NBA playoffs will be getting underway Saturday and Sunday, but most places we would go to would have the Blazer game on if they draw a Sunday afternoon game.

    Or keep trying for March but there’s been a lot of “can’t make it” votes for most dates proposed.

    Or grab the tongs and stick the fork in.

    No biggie to me either way. But hey, no whining. In the past, people that don’t show up anyway do most of the complaining.

    If it happens, there will be a toast to Uncle Mort who attended the last handful of these and got to know the group. Skybill usually shows unless he’s out of town.

    So that’s my input, Shipwreck. So hey, if you’re not interested, stay out of the thread. If you are interested, be constructive. I know for some of you that’s a novel approach, but try it. Or not.


    Good bump.

    Third Saturday this month will be PERFECT. Right before we get going with in-store crash course training (with 15-20 brand new employees).

    I will let Skybill know, last time I saw him he said he’d be game for showing up. He is done with the board, but still cares a lot for the core group and would love to be there.


    So I’ve just monitored this thread, waiting until something concrete developed. I’m flexible on location so I didn’t give input. I don’t have an outstanding prejudice against an entire city like some folks here seem to (gouge). So I’d even go to Vancouver.

    So the 21st it seems, right? Afternoon? That would work well. I’ll watch for the venue. Thanks for thrashing through all this.


    Ok so let’s lock in the this Sat AND the date Andy mentioned.

    Why not?

    Need east side venue. Today. 🙂

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