George Zimmerman shot at in Florida

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    Too bad they missed.

    This guy just can’t keep his nose clean.


    Leftists hanging around with little else to offer except still wishing people dead.

    Aligns with the pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, democrat death club you have going here.

    Sick and sad.

    Get a life.


    Zimmerman was slightly injured in this case. But I agree, trouble seems to follow him. When that happens more than twice you need to look inward.


    Thanks for stopping by Herb. Aren’t you proud of your right wing hero Zimmerman? Such a great example of a human being. Do you still think he’s innocent of murdering Trayvon?

    And let’s not forget, you can’t be pro-gun and pro-life. Guns serve one purpose, and that’s to kill what ever it’s shooting.

    Andy Brown

    Not written about him but oh so appropro . . . I used to play this one on the air years ago, usually after a new Dylan album was released (if you don’t know, that’s The Bob’s real last name).


    HD, If the Grim Reaper was enabled with GPS, you’d be dead yourself. Count your blessings. Better yet, give some money to Creflo Dollar.


    What is truly shameful is that Zimmerman still has a concealed weapons permit and appears to carry his gun everywhere even though he is a billboard advertisement for someone who should have access to guns restricted.

    Zimmerman has two possible futures: Dead or in jail. I give it a 50/50.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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