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    George Zimmerman was arrested late Friday for aggravated assault and domestic violence with a weapon after allegedly throwing a wine bottle at his girlfriend, Florida police and his lawyer said.

    The 31-year-old was detained at 10 p.m in Lake Mary, near Orlando, his booking record shows. At a Saturday morning court appearance, Zimmerman was granted a $5,000 bond, which he posted. He was released from jail a short time after noon and was ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim or travel to Volusia County, where she lives, reported NBC affiliate WESH.

    A lawyer for Zimmerman said the woman is his girlfriend, and the incident involved him allegedly tossing a wine bottle at her earlier this week at his Lake Mary home, according to the Sun-Sentinel newspaper.


    Thankfully, he stood his ground. Who knows what that girlfriend might have done to him otherwise?

    (Notice that Zimmerman is staying in Florida? I think he knows his ‘outburts’ would get him in big trouble elsewhere.)


    What he needs to do in order to redeem himself is to go back on Hannity, go on a homophobic rant and threaten to kill Federal Agents.

    Then he can be a Conservative folk hero like Phil Roberson & Cliven Bundy.


    How many times do we have to do this with this guy?


    If Zimmerman fired his gun instead he would have gotten off scot-free!


    Was his girlfriend a black teenager?


    Seriously, do we need any more evidence of the fact that Zimmerman is a bad person? I can’t wait for the conservative media to host him this weekend. After all, he was the darling of conservative media throughout the trial, right?

    Is he still a darling worthy of interview on prime time Fox News?

    Face it. Cons were wrong on this dude. He murdered Trayvon Martin in cold blood and since then has had several mug shots taken.

    How he gets any chick to give him the time of day is beyond me.

    Maybe, just maybe, Zimmerman is dirt-bag piece of shit who got away with murder and can’t help himself, like another famous person who got away with murder. OJ.

    Just like OJ, he’ll end up in jail on some other charge.



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