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    Poor Portland progressives. So much to protest, so little time

    WASHINGTON — They do things differently in Portland, but not because it is a foreign country, although many Americans might wish it were: At this moment, it is one national embarrassment too many. Rather, the tumults in Portland, which is a petri dish of progressivism, perhaps reveal something about Oregon’s political DNA. A century ago, the state was a bastion of reaction.

    Recently in Portland, an “intersectional” feminist bookstore (“intersectionality” postulates that society’s victims — basically, everyone but white males — suffer interlocking and overlapping victimizations), which appeared in the television series “Portlandia,” closed. It blamed its failure not on a scarcity of customers but on an excess of “capitalism,” “white supremacy” and “patriarchy.” (Presumably these made customers scarce.) Poor Portland progressives: So much to protest, so little time. However, right wingers spoiling for fights have done “antifa” (anti-fascist) Portlanders the favor of flocking to the city to provide a simulacrum of fascism, thereby assuaging progressives’ Thirties Envy — nostalgia for the good old days of barricading Madrid against Franco’s advancing forces.

    And so on and such like.


    Andy Brown

    Clearly, the pale white conservative that he is (in more than skin tone), has never been to Portland and if he has it was PDX–>limo–>hotel suite–>hotel ballroom–>limo–>PDX. George was never a convincing escapee from drumpf’s G.O.P., and is now a con without a major party to irk. drumpf republicans ignore him, progressives ignore him, cross media mostly ignores him. Hey George, stick to writing about baseball. Only the ignorant judge Portland by the occasional tabloid headlines it may generate.



    A Moderate? (shudder)

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