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    Former President George W. Bush will continue his criticism of the Trump administration, telling People magazine in its upcoming issue, “I don’t like the racism and I don’t like the name-calling and I don’t like the people feeling alienated.” The ex-president’s comments come after he chastised the Republican president—for whom he did not vote—for his ongoing war with the media. Bush told the Today show he believes the media are “indispensable to democracy” and that sensible immigration policy should be “welcoming and upholds the law”—both comments in stark contrast to how the Trump White House has conducted itself in its first month-and-a-half. Asked by People whether Trump has reached out to his Republican predecessor for advice, Bush said no, adding, “It doesn’t hurt my feelings. I understand the nature of the job. There’s a lot incoming when you’re the president and you just got to focus on your job.”

    What do you know? George W Bush, quite correctly, is pointing out that quite a bit of Trump’s (and his endlessly hypocritical and credulous followers) rhetoric as utterly racist. You know, because it is. Interesting.

    This, after (most politely) unloading on the Orange Menace during an interview on the Today show:

    It’s rare for a former President to weigh in like this. Then again, when have we ever, in the entirety of American history, had such a patently unqualified, serial lying, ignorant, thin skinned, mean spirited bully like this in The White House? The answer of course is never. Good for President Bush. Finding Republicans willing to put country before party has been a rarefied exercise, to date.

    I often questioned the decision making process that occurred during W’s administration. One particularly egregious example: The amount of information now available to support the broad contention that The Bush White House decided to start a war with Iraq and then, working backwards, created the rationales for doing so, are damningly conclusive. (Thanks Neo-Cons!)

    In my opinion, which can be supported by a wide array of supportive evidence, is that George W Bush was largely a well-meaning bumble fuck. Perhaps too easy to direct and manipulate by those around him with far more deliberate, Machiavellian intent, but certainly not a bad man with aforethought and intent. The clueless bubble of privilege did that man no favors in life. Likeability and charisma can only cover for so much. To wit, I abhorred many of his policy decisions, but I never hated the man personally nor questioned his overarching intent.

    The same cannot remotely be said about Trump. The examples of him being an utterly repellent human being are legion. With apologies to actual burning piles of refuse, he’s a dumpster fire.


    Republicans keep finding new ways to re-define downward the title of Worst President Ever. It took GWB a year or two to really get a lock on the title; Trump is there in about a month. Wonder how long President Pence will take to make it to the top of the list?

    Andy Brown

    Finding Republicans willing to put country before party has been a rarefied exercise, to date.

    And they’ve clearly had numerous chances to step up against the malevolence of drumpf. This may change as drumpf rolls out a budget demanding a lot of cuts that will be bad for GOP Congresspeople that live in districts that avail themselves to government programs of all sorts. I think his ‘rough outline’ budget is DOA with House Republicans.

    It’s not faring well with GOP Senators, either. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said his plan is “dead on arrival”. “If you take soft power off the table then you’re never going to win the war,” Graham continued. “What’s most disturbing about the cut in the State Department’s budget, it shows a lack of understanding what it takes to win the war.”

    And as far as Dubya is concerned, being away from politics for 8 years has given him insights he just didn’t have when President. Good for him. drumpf is so clearly unqualified and has installed a bunch of thugs, goons and elitists to turn the levers. The country is in deep shit, folks. The sooner the GOP lays down the law to drumpf, the better. The more pissed off he gets, the faster we will all be rid of him, his goons and the basket of deplorables.


    While never a huge fan of GWB, he seems like a sane politician today, compared to our current dufus in chief.

    I’m glad he is speaking out. (Though he is trying to sell a book…but more power to him).


    W is promoting his book and looking for sales.



    “I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there, and she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything.”

    “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful [women]—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

    -The President of the United States and darling of “Conservative Christians”


    I’m sure W grabbed plenty of pussy in his day. He just didn’t remember the next morning.

    Seriously, W must be somewhat relieved of being WPE. Trump is already putting on his cape and it’s only a matter of time until he implodes.


    Bush is elated because now he won’t have to be remembered as the worst president of our lives or ever.


    He’s not a “darling” because of that, anymore than Bill Clinton was your darling because of the things he actually did (and not just talked about) while president. Or was he?

    I prefer not to judge someone by the worst thing they said or did. I’d hate to be judged that way myself. Wouldn’t you Amus?

    At any rate, I’m very happy with our new President. I’m happy he won. I’m happy Hillary Clinton lost. I’m happy there is a Republican House. I’m happy there is a Republican Senate. I’m happy Trump kept his word about selecting a good replacement for Scalia. I can overlook his personal flaws and sins. The latter are between him and God and not for me to judge. I’ve got my own sins to worry about.

    I’m disappointed in W for not having supported Trump, but he did pick on Jeb! and I think he’s holding a grudge.

    I do think his paintings are pretty cool.

    Trump will not be wpe, but will be up there with Reagan.


    “Trump will not be wpe, but will be up there with Reagan.”

    Literally, you do know what you just posted? LOL.


    Sure I do Paul.

    Do you remember that you posted that “Trump has no path to win”? Do you remember that you also posted that Trump will not last his first term? I believe you will have to eat crow on that one too.

    I do believe Trump will accomplish much and will be regarded as a great president.

    Regarding Amus’ attempt to rain on the Trump parade. For me, it’s like I just won the lottery and was on the way to the bank and a hundred dollar bill fell out of my pocket and Amus is laughing at me and waving it around as I deposit my millions. As far as I’m concerned he can keep the $100 bill with my blessings.


    I think you missed my sarcasm. Examine my quote of you more carefully.


    Bacon, both you and Trump keep clinging to a Nov. 8 poll as validation for everything Trump says and does. Granted, that was an important and consequential poll, but it’s now almost 4 months old – an eternity in political time.

    How is Trump faring now? What’s his support and popularity now? If Trump keeps being nostalgic about how much love he felt on Nov. 8th, and not working to keep and build on that support, he’s going to go down like the Titanic pretty quick.


    “I prefer not to judge someone by the worst thing they said or did. I’d hate to be judged that way myself.”

    Right. I prefer not to judge Hitler for the whole Nazi thing – what about his paintings and his love of dogs?


    Trump is a fucking pig. He’s not a Republican. He’s not a conservative. He’s, literally, a danger to the country and everything it represents. History will not be kind to him or his ignorant, credulous, rage filled, followers.

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