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    This From the Craig Adams News Service:

    Gary Hilliard, Director of Engineering for Entercom Portland, retired on Friday after 29 years and 35 years in Portland Radio. Gary began in the Rose City in June 1980 when he became Chief Engineer of KPAM 1410 & KPAM-FM 97.1. In 1982 he became Chief Engineer of crosstown KWJJ 1080 & KJIB 99.5. Then returned in 1983 to what had become KCNR 1410 & KCNR-FM 97.1. The list stations under Gary’s C.E. care would change calls and grow many times, here are some:

    KKLI 97.1, KKUL 1410, KKSN 910, KKSN-FM 97.1, KKRH 105.1, KFXX 1520, KGON 92.3, KNRK 94.7, KRSK 105.1, KKSN 1520, KFXX 910, KOTK 1080, KWJJ 99.5, KSLM 1390, KOTK 910, KZNY 1520, KFXX 1080, KYCH 97.1, KKSN 910, KKSN 1390, KVXX 1390, KWOD 1390, KZZD 1390. Not to mention all of their HD stations.

    Happy Retirement Gary


    Before retiring from Radio. I worked for about 6 years under Gary. Good boss and good guy.Gary I wish you the best in retirement. We were probly two of the few who retired from Entercomn Pdx, when we chose to.


    Our paths crossed in the KWJJ days. All the best, Gary! You’re gonna be missed…


    Worked with Gary at KCNR on both occasions. Still remember calling him up at 2am one weekend night letting him know we had lost half our power based on meter readings.

    He came to the station on Council Crest, and let me know the exciter unit had malfunctioned. The next weekend, during my overnight shift I helped him install a new one. Actually, Gary installed it, I was the “here, hold this” helper.

    Have a happy retirement, Gary.


    Yeah…I was always fascinated by looking over the shoulder of the engineer into the guts of a transmitter! Gary has always been a good encourager like that…


    Thanks, Craig for history though I was 40 by the time I got PDX, having done damage at stations in Medcord, Roswell NM, Rugby ND and elsewhere, usually as combo DJ/engineer.

    Andy Brown

    Welcome to old, plow boy.
    I still owe you a lunch.
    Whatcha gonna do, now?
    Can I have my Z meter back, yet?

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