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    I don’t have much to say about carter as President.

    Carter post President has been an exemplary public servant. Put his position in life to the task of doing real, tangible good.

    The Carter standards for fair elections are admirable and well respected globally. Some US States could pay more attention…

    Brian: nor have I

    I know two types:

    Believers. They are all in. They feel strongly about why things suck and see Trump in a way that can break through, make it better.

    Angry. Protest voters. Accellerationists. They want to tear it down. Do not believe there are meaningful answers otherwise.

    What people, who do believe there are answers in the system, do not understand is this whole thing is not about them anymore.

    It is about the ones we have lost to disbelief. There are too many now.

    Jeffrey Kopp

    I understand Carter’s biggest problem was he couldn’t delegate.


    I don’t recall all that much because at that time I was too busy chasing girls and not following politics. Friday and Saturday night cruising the gut in downtown Vancouver. I do remember……….


    Nice touch with the Billy Beer. Probably no one under 50 will pick up on that one, more like 55!


    No big Boomer (or Gen-X) Secret that America’s greatest beer drinker was Jimmy’s kid brother. It was produced only for about a year in the late 70s until word about the Billygate scandal went round. Shit, I’m 36 and even I know about Billy beer!

    I don’t remember it personally but have heard of it.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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