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    It seems that any time that I visit my medical clinic, use banking services, call a tech support number, or even play in a sweepstakes, I am bombarded with some questions about the user experience. Is it a “normal” reaction to feel jaded or even annoyed by these survey questions?

    Perhaps, what annoys me the most is that it is not the tech support technician, a bank teller, my dental hygienist, or a barista who is reaching out to me to have a genuine conversation (and not try to sell me more stuff). No; I am pretty damn certain that the questions were designed by people at a research firm, and the survey results will be analyzed statistically using software. My survey responses will be like a drop of rain in a water reservoir.


    I really only get them from my clinic and the credit union. Those ones usually go straight into the shredder. No big deal. The ones that call get to talk to an answering machine that has a 10-second loop tape on its incoming side, so their computer effectively ends up writing to my line’s /dev/null.

    ‘t think too much about it. It’s not worth stressing over.


    I will take part only if I had a very good or very bad experience. Not sure they mean much at the end of the day. I think some companies don’t really care about the results but think surveying is just good pr.

    Master of Disaster

    I don’t bother; USPS-delivered surveys go directly into my paper shredder, email I open in a text-only email client and if it’s just a survey I delete it.

    Just looking up “sued for negative review” on one’s favorite search engine will turn up countless examples of customers being sued for saying anything thought of as negative of anything anywhere, even if it’s factual.


    I doubt very few of these negative reviewer cases resulted in the reviewer actually losing. Bad service reviews are covered by the constitution, however calling an employee/manager a liar when he/she told the truth could result in libel.

    Deane Johnson

    There’s little to be gained personally by giving a bad review. Better to suck it up and move on.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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