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    The new “freshness” column on here offers an interesting insight.

    The radio side is just about dead. Perhaps on life support.

    Some of us have noticed this previously, but now we can actually track it easily. The last “radio” post is more than 4 days old. Since then, the “politics and other things” thread has had probably 100 posts since then.

    Not sure what Dan wants to do with that stat.

    This site started out as a radio site, but it is now obvious that it has become something else. What is the next step? I would like to hear opinions, and my guess is Dan would as well.


    Honestly, we had GREAT radio related discussions here. And when we had them, there were happenings in radio worth discussing.

    Notably, a lot of contributors here aired a lot of solid opinion on the future of the media format, and there were also a ton of great ideas for maximizing said media format.

    Somehow, the industry has managed to do exactly none of them.

    I’m kind of stunned at how amazingly poor the decisions have been.

    Now, I’m in an industry niche that has a similar dynamic going on. And when one goes to examine the body of commentary related to it, one can see industry progress along the better ideas, along with some new ones the industry chose.

    But radio?

    Nada. Seriously.

    So then, how much discussion is there to be had when people who actually do give a shit about radio experience something like that?

    I kind of hate radio right now. It sure doesn’t speak to to me, and it’s relevance to me is at an all time low. Almost irrelevant.

    It doesn’t speak to the majority of my peers, who wrote it off long before.

    Young people in my life bring me lots of media. They know I love the dialog and checking out the new stuff is fun. Podcasts, various sites and apps, music, etc…

    And to be clear, I don’t hate the medium, but the current shepherds of it really have done a fine job making sure I hate the product of their efforts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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