Freedom of the Press / 1st Admendment

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    With the riots happening across the country, and the world regarding the death of George Floyd and the police brutality. There this 1st amendment of the US Constitution. Freedom of the Press and Free Speech. In recent days we saw how CNN journalist Omar Jiminez arrested live on TV for no apparent reason. We see press, peaceful protesters,and innocent bystanders who are being attacked by the police. We see countless of video footage from cellphones, news outlets, and social media showing the police brutality, even our allies countries such as Australia Prime Minister has to step in and demand an investigation of the people because a news photographer and a reporter (7 News Network) being attacked on live tv because the president wants a photo op in front of St. John Episcopal Church. Even today we saw a 74 year old man knocked to the ground and bleeding in Buffalo while the police didn’t do anything to help him.

    Are we living in a police state /banana republic at the moment? What’s the future of the Freedom of the Press and peaceful protest on the streets. How do we solved police brutality?

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