Francis Bean Cobain marries

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    Apparently in secret to her boyfriend Isiailah Silvas, with her mother Courtney unaware and univnvited.

    This would not be something I would ordinarily post, but it just hit me that 21 years have passed since Cobain committed suicide. Wow.


    Pretty sad that she grew up with no father and a train wreck of a mother. With all that she still appears to be somewhat normal- Not a heroin addict,junkie like her father. (Or her mother, for that matter) It just shows a lot about Courtney Love’s charector when her own daughter wont even talk to her.
    That being said im embarrassed to admit that I love the album “Live through this” by Hole.

    I was reading in an article that the only real father figure in her life has been and still is Dave Grohl.

    Ive often wondered how Nirvana would have evolved musically if Kurt didn’t kill himself.


    I doubt Nirvana (at least, with him in the group) would have evolved at all. If Kurt felt he couldn’t go on with life, it’s doubtful he could have gone on making music.

    On a side note: recently a longtime acquaintance and friend of mine committed suicide, apparently after a long life dealing with depression. This was a surprise to many who knew him as friendly and kind (he was a retired middle school teacher). It just reminds me that suicide is an all to common thing in our society, and maybe we should start treating as the epidemic that it is.


    You hit the nail on the head Edselehr- Suicide is much more common than we think and is an epidemic.

    From the info that I have read about Kurt cobain, He was diagnosed with a.d.d at an early age, and later when he became an adult he was diagnosed with Bi-polar. He was taking “Lithium” and even named a Nirvana song after the drug. Coming on and of of Lithium while indulging in some pretty heavy drugs like Heroin, its not really surprising that he took his own life. But if you look at the history of Rock N Roll there werea lot of very famous musicians that suffered from a mental illness- the list includes Brian Wilson who suffered Schizo-effective disoder/Schizophrenia- he actually started hearing voices- the downfall of the Beach Boys. Others include Syd Barret of pink Floyd and Axl Rose. Not to get too much off topic but here is a video of Axl Rose in his “Manic Phase” of Bi-polar. I laugh every time I see this video, but its actually a sad reality of what a Bipolar acts like when they are not medicated.

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