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    Andy Brown

    In what may be the most serious allegation ever made against the former Secretary of State, Fox News Channel reported today that Hillary Clinton was involved in the conspiracy to murder President Abraham Lincoln.

    The latest charge against Mrs. Clinton was reported by Fox host Sean Hannity, who said that the evidence of her role in the Lincoln assassination came mainly in the form of e-mails.

    According to Mr. Hannity, “If it’s true that Hillary Clinton killed Lincoln, this could have a major impact on her chances in 2016.”

    The accusation against Mrs. Clinton drew a strong response from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R.—S. Carolina): “There’s been a concerted effort by Hillary Clinton to cover up her role in President Lincoln’s murder. She has said nothing about it. This is bigger than Watergate, the Cuban missile crisis, and the Second World War put together.”

    Responding to the allegation, Mrs. Clinton issued a terse statement indicating that she could not have participated in Lincoln’s assassination because she was born in 1947.

    “That’s what she wants us to believe,” Sen. Graham said.

    Andy Brown

    Then there’s this, which is basically founded in reality.

    It’s interesting that donald is already complaining about losing to a rigged system, like who he is and what he says has nothing to do with it.

    The best part of this is that it is driving the GOP further into obscurity. The traditional GOP doesn’t want donald and donald’s voters (most of them) don’t want the traditional Republicans.

    After Hillary’s election, what will donald say first?

    Congrats to Hillary. Nah.
    The system is rigged. Nah, second maybe, but not first.
    It will be something like “I really won, but . . . ”

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