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    The Lies At The Heart Of Our Dying Order

    One should understand why people have lost trust in experts, the media and politicians.


    The world order we live in was born in 1979 or 1980, with Thatcher and Reagan. It made a few core promises:

    If the rich have more money, they will create more jobs;
    Lower taxes will lead to more prosperity;
    Increases in housing and stock market prices will increase prosperity for everyone;
    Trade deals and globalization will make everyone better off.
    These core promises all turned out to be lies.


    this is why people are going for “fake news”. This is why people are willing to listen to demagogues. This is why people don’t trust the press (why should they, the press lied to them repeatedly, it is the original fake news). This is why they don’t listen when hundreds of economists say Brexit is bad (why should they, most economists missed the housing bubble.)

    Neoliberalism has discredited everyone who bought in to it. Who didn’t buy into it? Well, the hard left and what people are now calling the “alt-right”.

    Pay very close attention here:

    All this screaming about fake news is something I will take seriously when the New York Times, who helped sell the Iraq war based on “fake news” is listed as fake.

    No getting around that one kids. It’s very, very ugly.

    It’s an establishment referendum time. And it’s not going to change very quickly. That change is keyed to improvements for the affected people.

    …which is why I’ve shifted my politics. I’m a progressive, new deal type guy, and a failure is a failure. Don’t care who does it. I do care very much about how it’s impacted way too many people, my kids, friends, people I know and love.

    60 percent of the nation will be receptive to this line of thinking. They are the affected ones.

    I got pages and pages here on economic ideas, goals, observations, and I’m joined by a lot of other people.

    During that time, I bought in. Thought it was going to succeed and did my part repeatedly and willingly.

    Gonna step away now because the ideas matter more than some loyalty does.

    Ellison is a symbol for that change to begin. It won’t be “all sanders all the time”, but it will be opening the party to people willing to step in and dilute the current neo-liberal bloc enough to put real change in economic direction and norms on the table.

    In the end, said change will cost those who have made fantastic gains over the last 30 years. It’s time to pay up, so we can really recover, grow, and then the pay back will be sweet.

    But we gotta take that step, or it’s not ever going to be sweet.

    To me, that’s completely unacceptable. Time for a new game.

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