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    The 1150 site is a leased site, no money grab by Bustos in selling the land. They also talked about buying 1480 to diplex off of that site.

    I suspect that they will file a silent STA due to losing their transmitter site, continue to operate 93.5 as they did for over a year when 1150 was silent due to vandalism.


    RIP, KKEY.

    Radiogeek… Do you have a decent portable radio that you can carry in the car for a quick check next time you hear the “whine” on 860?


    The only thing left working at 1150 site. Are loney tower beacon lights.


    Still a strong signal (30dB over S-9) from 1150 at my home… so something is still working, or did they move the transmitter to another location?


    Nothing on a TX change on the FCC site. I smell toast.


    The tower is not scheduled for demolition for another two weeks. I suspect that the silent STA route is the one that they will most likely take.


    tech …

    I don’t usually carry a radio in the car but if I do remember I’ll compare. From previous threads I guess it’s a fair question if any of the consumer AM radios (including in cars) these days are “decent”.


    Decent portables…

    As a radio collector, I have a number of vintage as well as newer portable radios, and pretty much agree with Jay Allen. His evaluation weighs AM reception heavily. For exanple, his top rated vintage Panasonic 2200 is VERY good for AM reception, but a modern DSP portable such as the tiny (earphone only) Sangean DT-160 has better sensitivity & selectivity on the FM band. Radiojayallen site:


    Checkout his 2017 Portable “shootout”.

    Car radios are a mixed bag, but those with HD seem to be more sensitive/selective so that they can receive the weeker HD signals.


    In the past, I recall hearing a “whine” type interference in a varactor-tuned radio with an overloaded front end. The radio was a Mopar unit from a 1986 Dodge Caravan.

    I also remember prototyping an AM band front end using varactor diodes and being able to produce the same type of behavior when the circuit was overdriven. Unfortunately, I did not delve too far into trying to understand the mechanism by which this happened.

    In short, the interference is most likely being produced inside your radio. I would recommend trying a radio using a traditional mechanical variable capacitor. If there is still interference, then you are most likely dealing with a local interference source.

    The Panasonic RF-2200 is a 40 year old design, yet it is still considered top-of-the line for AM performance. The rotatable bar antenna is a really nice feature. If it weren’t for all the clutter that I already have, I would definitely want one of these.


    1150 kHz has about one more week to go on the air before the tower comes down. I suspect that this frequency will stay dark for a long time, assuming that it ever does come back.


    Could Bustos Buy DARK KCOE and increase KWBY power in a way that it works with their 93.5 Translator?


    No es buena idea. Latino market norte beyond Redmond and KCOE would be a rim shot. Thinkin’ Bend Radio Group will buy the frequency.


    Looks like the site has had a few weeks reprieve, the tower removal is delayed for at least a few weeks due to weather and tower crew schedules.


    Thank You for keeping us up to date on this.

    Andy Brown

    Play taps if you want, but in reality the station has been gone for years. The days of AM are long gone and although there is still a presence on the AM dial, it’s all just a big placeholder for what comes next and the licenses worth holding on to are only maintained so that the government payoff to surrender the license will be forthcoming. The days of 62 KGW bus sides from the last century are not even a memory to millennials. The majority of the FM dial is in corporate hands all driven by profits, facilitated by automation and corporate owned music.

    Radio is not dead, but it’s been on life support for so long now y’all normalize it like it isn’t.

    In fact, the new Chairman of the FCC has just loosened up TV ownership rules (again) so pretty soon there will be 4 or 5 companies that own all of media.

    Yes, the few independent non coms, college radio and the teapot LPFM’s are on the air but the big picture leaves little hope and no promise of future media improvement. They just don’t have the reach to breathe any life into the rotting corpse of broadcasting and AM only survived this long because of the rise and fall of talk radio. Now it’s in hospice. Sad, but true.

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