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    Bad month for the anti-gay religious zealots.

    First, mormon dad of Elizabeth Smart comes out as gay, leaves his bigoted cult and family.

    The former leader of one of the nation’s largest conversion therapy ministries has come out as gay. Now, McKrae Game is disavowing the organization he founded and apologizing to the people he’s hurt.

    Game dedicated his life to conversion therapy through his organization, Hope for Wholeness. During an interview last week, he denounced the practice he spent 20 years supporting.


    Earlier this year, I was reading The Miseducation Of Cameron Post, which was made into a film. I had been fooled into thinking that the book is a fictionalized autobiography, but it is not. It is fiction based on factual research.

    The main character comes from the author’s hometown in Montana; there is just an age difference of about 2-3 years between them. The Christian conversion therapy facility depicted was based on the author’s research. I had believed that she had experienced such a facility as a teenager, but that is not the case.

    In the film, Cameron is sent to the conversion camp by her legal guardian immediately after her classmates catch her making out with another girl at prom night. The film left me with the impression that the families whose children end up in places like these are dysfunctional. There is very little productive communication between the teenagers and their parents or guardians. Instead, the conversion ministries are called upon to do the “heavy lifting” and to teach the elder generation’s accepted church dogma.

    I had to put the book down because it is very long, and I was just too busy to keep reading. In the book, prom night passed unceremoniously, so the circumstances under which Cameron was sent off to God’s Promise (the gay teen camp) are somewhat different.

    In the era during which The Miseducation of Cameron Post is set, I used to frequently watch a variety of Christian TV shows, such as Victory Today, out of morbid curiosity. That particular program was produced by an outfit called Freedom Village USA, which it turns out, was even worse than the fictional conversion ministry in the film.


    It has been very apparent to me for many decades now that gay people who contradict their own identity will sometimes go extreme to either cover-up their own sexual preference, or try to convince others and/or themselves they are not gay.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t really a problem with those involved, it is more societal. If there was more tolerance, these episodes would not occur. Progress is being made…slowly.


    #WalkAway campaign


    Straka’s video is filled with the kind of vague “free thinker” platitudes that have already been a hit with conservative college students, Kanye West, and fans of “intellectual dark web” figures like Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson. In his video, Straka says he became a Democrat because he’s gay, only to be turned off by attacks on free speech.

    “If you’re a white person, you’re not supposed to talk,” Straka told The Daily Beast. “If you’re a man, you’re not supposed to talk.”

    In other words: It’s exactly the kind of conversion narrative primed to go viral on the right. Straka’s video has earned nearly 2 million views on Facebook and YouTube, and scored him shout-outs from the likes of Fox News host Charles Payne, Trump superfan Bill Mitchell, Turning Point USA head Charlie Kirk, and Candace Owens, West’s guide to the right-wing internet.

    In other words, Broadway (as you on the right like to claim time and again about liberals such as Al Gore), he’s in it for the money.

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