Florida Hurricane

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    There is a lot of media hype on this one, and it is well-deserved. Now will hit as a Cat 5 in South Florida. Then ride up the entire peninsula, but slowly weakening in the process. Never has a hurricane expected to impact an entire State like Irma.

    I have a close cousin in Jacksonville, they are staying put and hunkering down. She says there has been no bottled water available anywhere in Jacksonville since Tuesday. I also have a good friend living in the area between Sarasota and Fort Myers. They scooted for Mississippi on Thursday.

    Good thoughts for Florida from the NW…

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    Based on the current models, it looks like FL is in for a world of hurt with Irma. It may make Harvey look like child’s play.



    Now the entire State is under a Hurricane warning, and even those areas outside the eye are in danger. Continues to be a Cat 5 storm. While the storm has moved to the west, it will still batter Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beach. The real threat is now the west coast of Florida, Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, even Tampa Bay. This may get very ugly very fast.



    My in-laws are in Naples FL – both in their early ’80s, stubborn and devoted Catholics. They are not going anywhere, believe it’s a lot of hype (thanks Rush!) and saying again and again “The Lord will provide”.

    They live at 3′ elevation, and the storm surge is going to be up to 12 feet.

    If either or both of them dies in this storm, the fact-denying right wing media will be partly responsible.



    Given that Rush has left, wouldn’t he be at risk of being at the losing end of a lawsuit?


    Rush Limbaugh did not diminish the danger of this hurricane. That’s hate-speech from the liberal anti-Trump pro-abortion media. Anyone with a brain and a sense of fairness would see that if they heard or read his words in context.

    He did ridicule somewhat the hype about “bottled water” since there was plenty of time for people to turn their spigots on and fill their own containers.

    Rush’s audience is not stupid. They think for themselves and if they want to ride out the hurricane it’s because they used the brains God gave them and saw the risk as acceptable and the consequences of their decision is on them.

    How is it that every topic is an opportunity to hate Trump or hate conservatives? I’ll have to check the Eclipse thread to see if anyone found an excuse to say something nasty about Trump there.



    # sand



    “Liberal fear-mongering” obviously scared Rush. I thought he was stronger than this.


    Andy Brown

    bloviation of the day: “Rush’s audience is not stupid.”

    Yes oh southern Oregon undereducated boobette, the fat one’s audience is indeed stupid.

    But let’s focus on the idiocy of the fat one himself. After spending much of this week telling his listeners that Hurricane Irma was fake news, Rush Limbaugh his fled his home base in Palm Beach, Florida, in anticipation of landfall.

    On Thursday, Limbaugh announced he would not “be able” to host his nationally syndicated radio show on Friday due to “the security nature of things,” adding that he was heading to “parts unknown.”

    What a fucking asshole. Using a national disaster to further his own twisted ubercon agenda. But it is of no surprise, after all, this is the same cretin that urged his listeners to hope that Obama would fail as president knowing full well that he was rooting for the failure of the nation itself. That never happened, and in fact Obama will be treated well by historians for all that he accomplished in his 8 years.

    We here (except you Vern) know Rush is an over the hill waste of human flesh, but let’s switch back now to the notion that his listeners/fans/supporters are or are not stupid. Yes, let’s look at that more closely if for no other reason then to make you look stupid, too.

    Anyone that gets their information from this pill popping obese huckster is indeed stupid for that very reason. His history of lying is exceeded only by his listeners ability to believe him without circumspection. As if it were not bad enough that Houston is still drying out from Hurricane Harvey and South Florida is hunkered down in the face of Hurricane Irma, last week found the newly formed hurricanes Katia and Jose, respectively spinning in the Gulf of Mexico and whirling west across the Atlantic. We face multiple, simultaneous, catastrophes.

    But it’s not just their timing that has some of us watching weather maps with fearful speculation. It’s also the record-shredding ferocity of the two storms that have so far impacted the United States. They’ve produced superlatives like a Donald Trump press conference.

    And the timing of them, combined with the historic awfulness of them, feels more sinister than simple coincidence, does it not? You find yourself wondering if this might not be a consequence of that inconvenient truth Al Gore has been warning about — if, thanks to global warming, this is just a preview of our ghastly new normal — record-breaking storms lining up like cars at a toll booth to take turns smashing the American coast.

    Unfortunately for those of us craving clear cause and effect, the answer from scientists is a bit more nuanced. Asking if global warming caused all this is, it turns out, like asking if old age causes arthritis and bad eyesight. It doesn’t, but it does make those things more likely — and exacerbates them when they occur.

    Not that everyone sees the same thing when they look at the weather map. Last year, right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh said that hurricanes are actually part of a vast liberal plot. “It is in the interest of the left to have destructive hurricanes,” he said, “because then they can blame it on climate change …”

    He expanded on that as Irma bore down on South Florida, opining that media and marketers were in on the conspiracy, using hurricanes to drive viewership and sales of bottled water. “So the media benefits with the panic with increased eyeballs,” he said, “and the retailers benefit from the panic with increased sales.”

    Limbaugh’s lunacy reflects right-wing orthodoxy, which favors doing nothing in response to climate change on the theory it’s all an expensive boondoggle designed to victimize innocent oil and gas companies. So you get Trump pulling the country out of the Paris climate accord and Florida Gov. Rick Scott forbidding his team to even use the term “climate change.” Where the health of our planet is concerned, Republicans essentially ask us to make a wager that science is wrong.

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/leonard-pitts-jr/article172260197.html#storylink=cpy



    Watching WTSP 10 Tampa on the Roku. Very interesting to watch the local crews in action.



    Looks like, generally speaking, Florida dodged a bullet with this one. The storm weakened over Cuba 24 hours ago, and the damage will not be as severe as thought.

    However, daylight may bring some new damage especially in mobile home parks, and homes that were not up to new FL hurricane standards.

    Overall, the damage seems to be quite superficial, mostly trees down and minor flooding. Tornadoes are still a big threat.



    Limbaugh would have been much better off hunkering down and lighting a big ole stogie!

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