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    Quora is pretty cool.
    Where else can you have a question about the International Space Station and get a direct, personal reply from someone who’s been there?



    “this board has replaced some of the pre-Internet social groups that I once had.”

    Now THAT’s just sad/pathetic.

    So, what were you doing with your valuable time prior to trolling this board?


    It is kind of amazing in that way.

    The other interesting thing is the hard line on Be Nice, Be Respectful.

    You know who here called for that over and over and over.

    Well, let’s just say I don’t think that has played out for them as intended.

    Turns out, discriminating against people isn’t nice, nor respectful! Who would have thought?

    Politics discussion there is interesting as well. “Stupid Party” or “rubbing shit in their hair” won’t fly for obvious reasons. But, the dialog is generally real, and the real bat shit ideas stand right out. I have found nice and respectful ways to get that kind of message out there and into a productive dialog though. Very educational for me personally, as I’m into the how, form, why, and mechanics of advocacy as a point of interest.

    I’m of mixed opinion, not quite sure what I make of all that.

    One other thing that stands out, and that I have taken heat for, is the idea of debate vs advocacy. Quorans really, really, really want it to be debate, and that there is an objective right or wrong.

    They really don’t like to confront the idea that people just value things differently. And I’m saying overall as a general observation. There are plenty of people there who do understand too. This friction is particularly notable when somebody of means and stature ends up being confronted with others speaking hard truth to power. It’s fun to watch.

    The libertarians are fun to talk to! They are simply blind to that most of the time, and it’s been something very enlightening for me personally. I’ve also become aware of the Silicon Valley types being sort of a new breed of political faction. They are socially quite liberal, and adhere very strongly to a culture of mutual respect. This is notable. At the same time, they trend toward total economic freedom, and are somewhat authoritarian about it, unless it’s them, then they might want some help. Mixed in there is the idea of the net good as opposed to just making money. Lots of intrigue there for those looking to understand shifts in politics.

    Advocates of various kinds, be it free market or health care, etc… do well. I find absolutely GREAT advocacy there, often fact based and data driven. This tends to drown out the clowns, and keeps the discussion real.

    I can tell you, I’ve learned a lot participating there. Sometimes, the “Disneyland” rules do not make sense. I’ll just not participate in those questions and dialogs.

    But, here’s the interesting bit: Despite that limitation, the gain is real. People who are gay, trans, black, from foreign nations, etc… all seem to be able to write there with much less fear or backlash than I see elsewhere. Women too. Quora has a very hard line on abusive behavior, and it’s brought those people out and empowered them.

    I like this a lot. Overall, net good.

    Calling people out directly generally doesn’t fly either. But it’s more subtle than that. People who are fools, or clowns, or asses don’t get to speak with impunity. And there are nice and respectful ways to call out, some of which are new to me and quite potent.

    One can be brutally honest, nice, and respectful. Turns out, this packs one hell of a punch. Worth the effort to learn.

    Overall, I’ve made some very nice personal gains through Quora. Recommended.


    Oh, in a more general sense, getting away from the mechanics of dialog, etc…

    Quora is filled with people who care about something and who have awesome domain knowledge! I think that is true for most people in some way too. We’ve all got stuff we really like, or know a lot about, have experience with, etc…

    Quora seems to tease this out of people, and you can get awesome answers and perspective on things with a very favorable signal to noise ratio. There are writers there doing science, computers, physics, chemistry, biology, data science, law, etc… who can really add clarity. I love this and very seriously appreciate those writers.

    Follow me or message me there, so I can follow you back! I’ll be organizing the next PDX meetup sometime in March, next year. Haven’t encountered anyone through Quora who I didn’t think highly of yet.


    That’s $2.7 billion in pot sales that are regualted and taxed, and that’s $2.7 billion in sales that didn’t go to the black market. Seems like a good thing to me.


    I think this follows the line of thinking that says abortion is wrong, but so is contraception.

    Because it’s not about saving lives, it’s about controlling others.


    Chris, we’ll agree to disagree. My glasses however, look to be Dollar shaded, perhaps permanently. :0


    >>My glasses however, look to be Dollar shaded
    And skep, I agree…wrong focus in a few things in his ministry.


    What ministry?

    That is the problem.


    Skep, we’ve disagreed before and will probably disagree in the future. I value your input on this subject and others. You are doing good work for the LGBTQ community.

    @Missing. Spot on. It’s not a ministry, it’s a heist.


    I would go with fleecing, but that is just a quibble.


    Dat 2.



    RE: Quora;

    I may already follow you, I’ll have to check.
    In any case I’ve seen posts by you, and if I don’t I will.

    With no offense to our valued group here, I went looking for some viewpoints that would challenge me, and I’ll admit I found that there and have found several Conservatives whose perspective I appreciate and respect.

    I’ve also gotten a window into what irritates some reasonable Conservatives about Liberals that have actually caused me to soften my approach somewhat.

    One thing that constricts me is that I don’t think my rather dark sense of humor would be much appreciated there, or even understood among an international crowd (another fascinating aspect of Quora).

    As an example, there was a discussion about how none of the retired Space Shuttles ended up in Texas, and the inevitable conclusion that Obama was involved in that decision.

    I wanted so badly to point out that Texas got Columbia, but decided that may well make me a pariah in some of the discussions I find most interesting.

    EDIT: As it turns out, for whatever reason, I was not following you. Now I am.


    I have to make sure I follow you back tonite.

    More on your observations in a bit…


    I see you found Gary. Good. I really like Gary, and he’s one of the most rational conservatives I’ve come to know.

    Yeah, I went seeking too. I love it here, and you guys are home.

    Our little experiment here taught and sometimes still does teach me a lot about expression and the options people have. Quora allows frank and profane discussion, but does also require you be nice and respectful. In short, you do not attack other Quorans.

    You know who ended up over there. Just the rule set he asked for too.

    Civility and moderation were the two near constant cries, as I recall.

    Quora is authoritarian about those things.

    Well guess what? Lots of the stuff we talked about here and things we did, work there too! A good, rational argument is still a good, rational argument. And I’ve had plenty of awesome ones with Liberitarians there. (and there are a lot of them there too)

    Good on us.

    **I wouldn’t worry so much about your opinion being popular. The trick on Quora is to answer some questions and get some followers and have some good discussions. Keep it light, until people learn who you are. Make a few friends. Quorans really want to know what you know about. Doesn’t matter what it is. That is very, very intriguing.

    Anyway, the International crowd is a lot of fun! They ask the strangest things and they say all sorts of stuff too. A lot of them do not understand what free speech is. Quora is mostly free. Not as free as here, and I value that here big. But, pretty darn free.

    They have a sense of honor speech. Like they have a right to tell somebody to fuck off when their feefees get hurt. It’s pretty funny to watch them get told no. Some don’t make it, and get the boot. Many do, and they will then ask a ton of questions about it. One of the most common is, “should I have a right not to be offended?”, to which the answer is “no” and the follow on is almost always, “you have control over that, and have options too; namely, more free speech!”

    Here, we’ve maintained you are as offended as you think you are, and your shit is worth what others think it is. We are right about that, BTW. I’ve carried that over there, went ahead and was nice and respectful as required, and it plays out all the same ways. Very notable.

    We got a lot right here. Really, we do. Just know that.

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