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    Yes, and it is being prescribed by some doctors willing to monitor. Sadly, lack of research and institutional norms make these doctors few and far between.

    I know of one case personally, and that person has strange body chemistry. They can take amounts of the usual drugs that would leave mist people drooling as a primary activity. Pot works fairly well. Even then, the amounts they use are off the charts high. One benefit is not toxicity associated with thc. The other chemicals have significant potential for harm at higher levels.

    They tried the best modern medicine had to offer too. The family has significant financial resources, and they finally came to me and asked about it on a medical recommendation.

    Like anything, this all needs evaluation, analysis, etc… when used medically.

    Self diagnosis and self medication is often more harm than good. But the current state of things means being outside the medical profession.

    The same kinds of success stories can be associated with nausea, chronic pain, etc…

    Having been involved with the medical pot for some 10 years now, I’ve actually got a ton of insight that I have only recently felt like sharing. Similar taboos surround addiction to opiates, for example. I can tell you I’ve helped several people kick those completely sans ugly hacks or replacements like methadone, which frankly presents a tolerance and dependence cycle worse than the original drug in many cases.

    And I’m an amateur, like many out there just waiting for real research to begin. So much more is possible.

    I got started on this because medicine simply did not have answers for people I care about. The potential and reality for abuse is there. No doubt. But if we are to talk mere harm reduction, people centering in on pot abuse is minor league, and a nice problem to have compared to basically anything else out there.

    And it is entirely possible for a critically minded person to get educated, apply basic dose and monitoring practices and change lives. No joke.

    Had you asked me before this journey, I would have said no fucking way…

    Bizarre world we live in. That too is no joke.


    Written on mobile and I’m not gonna edit. No time.

    Let’s hope you are right Alfredo. It is very long overdue.


    Radiodork- Where did you get the idea I was against pot? I voted to make it legal. I know many use it for medicinal purposes, which I support.

    If I were in chronic pain, it would be something I would consider. However, I would choose the tincture or capsule over inhaling.

    I have made a conscience choice not to smoke pot. I’ve been offered but turned it down. Call me “Cautious Chris.” Same can be said for alcohol, coffee and soda. (even though I used to drink all three some 25-30 years ago) I just didn’t care how those drinks made me feel.

    If others want to use pot, I’m fine with that. For me I just don’t see the draw. I don’t need to feel high. I get it naturally from my adrenals and a big load of PMA. (positive mental attitude)



    If you’re trying to guilt me and the many Christians who disagree with Dollar, to do your bidding, you are wasting your time.

    One must pick and choose their battles. You have yours, which I deeply respect, for the LGBTQ community.

    We can make better headway by supporting the pastors, church leaders and lay people, who are out doing the kind of work for the LGBTQ community as well as for immigrants, those in poverty and working poor.

    Honestly, most of those folks don’t have time for guy like Dollar.

    Let it go, Skep. Fight your own battles and don’t try and pick my fights. You and I have better things to do with our time.


    Missing, our weekend was super fun. A Duck win over the assshole team up north didn’t hurt. UO could lose the rest of their games but it all is good with a UW loss.

    And I will report that of 10 adults attending, 8 of them enjoyed their Measure 91 rights. One of them who abstained drank his brown liquor to the point of passing out both nights pretty early, while the rest of us partied and had a great time dancing while the anti-pot guy was in bed.


    Chris, if Dollar isn’t worth the time for you and other Christians, then you’ve only yourself to blame when things like the Grotto come up. It’s a borderline thing for me. But, Dollar comes to mind and with the absence of Christian outrage, keeping the choir out of the Grotto has my strong support. God forbid I see a X-mas tree in a civic center — all I can see now are Dollar signs.

    Think about it — Dollar is one of the few instances where almost all Christians can agree about — he’s abusing the word of God to fill his pocket better than just about anyone else. But you all have something better to do. Well so do I. No more trying to see things from a different perspective. It ends up being a total waste of time as Christians don’t take the effort to help themselves here from a PR perspective here. No wonder full blown anti-religious people exists. Maybe it IS better to go the Vitalogy route and say you’re all nuts. Next.


    How were the second week sales?


    I haven’t seen any reports other than the first week sales numbers. I’d expect that they would drop a bit, but remain steady.

    In other refer madness news, pot use doubles in a decade!

    What they don’t address is the fact that the people they interview today versus 10 years ago are likely to be more truthful in the interview on whether they use pot or not.

    My feeling is that usage of pot has not changed, what has changed is the ability for the people being interviewed to to tell the truth since there are no longer consequences.


    Skep, you miss the point. I don’t go after a guy like Dollar because I’m spending my time doing, hopefully, just the opposite. Nothing is going to change with that guy. You already admit it. So why waste the time when nothing changes.

    While on the other side of issue, there are those of us (other Christians) who champion your own personal cause, going to churches who support the LGBTQ community you spend much of your time championing.

    It’s a matter of priorities and how best to use time and resources. It’s about choosing your battles.

    “It ends up being a total waste of time as Christians don’t take the effort to help themselves here from a PR perspective here.” Bullshit, Skep.

    You are only choosing see a one-sided Christianity. You don’t read the articles and blogs I read that do hold Dollar accountable. The Christianity you only see reflected are the Rev. Dollar’s. And yes, they stink. And to use one those big theological words, “abomination,” is exactly what Dollar is doing.

    “Maybe it IS better to go the Vitalogy route and say you’re all nuts.”

    You can name call as much as you wish, Skep. But keep in mind, I have always been willing to come to your side of the fence and listen – and do my best not hold judgement and throw my faith down your throat. Trying to guilt me and others for not doing enough about Rev. Dollar, well, it won’t work.


    “more sad news…”

    Why is this any more “sad” the billions than Creflo Dollar, Pat Robertson and their compadres fleeced out of gullible “followers” over the past week?


    Is it sad that proceeds are staying local & being taxed and not going to drug cartels that, you know, kill people?


    “anti-pot guy was in bed.” That’s hilarious! Faded. Early.

    My experiences have been similar. It’s just not a bad thing.


    “this board has replaced some of the pre-Internet social groups that I once had.”


    This depends. I’ve got friends from around the world. When I get to travel, there are people to see, stuff to do. More people are willing to meetup now as well.

    Just had one for Quora a coupla weeks ago. Some new people showed up, one being trans looking to interact with others they don’t fear. I consider this powerful and enabling. And there I was among a great group! Some were of significant means, world traveller types, others modest, young, old… We met up to experience one another and just enjoy being people and tell and listen to stories, share thoughts, politics, laugh and wonder. For me, I felt some pride at some of those people there able to just be people, like me, no worries.

    That person, BTW, shared their journey with us and it was frankly fascinating! I like that person, and made a new friend, and the root of that was online dialog. I get that new friend by default. It’s easy. I’m a friendly, middle aged white guy. I’m on the easy setting playing the game of life. They don’t and aren’t. It’s profound to think about.

    People sharing with one another is changing the world. No joke.

    For other people, who maybe can’t get out, or some other basic limitation, online interactions can open up the world and it’s people to them. How exactly is that a bad thing overall?

    Sure, basement dwellers not actually having a life, saying shit, isn’t good. Nobody is going to disagree.

    Overall though? People talking is good.

    Here, we have talked about a lot. When we meetup (and I’m sorry I could not go last time…) it’s amazing! We all light up, and it’s obvious we got something good out of the experience.

    People get what they put in right back. If they are full of shit, or just axe grinding, the return is often more self-serving than not, and in a low value way too.

    But, one can put all sorts of stuff in! Returns can be good.

    This idea of Internet being for losers is just a knee jerk type of characterization about as relevant as *PLONK!* is.

    And there is this too. I won’t buy cable or sat TV. Not enough value for me. I will buy Netflix or YouTube Red. Society is shifting in big ways right now, and this is the time to enjoy other people online.

    Here, it’s quiet, and we’ve got good people willing to have real dialogs. It can be painful, or great! Up to you. But, if you are having the kinds of conversations you crave, or need, or value, how exactly is that different from any other mode of dialog?

    Big, noisy places, like Reddit have their appeal. But I really wouldn’t want to have an extended dialog there. Other places, like Quora are laser focused on high value interactions. Noise is lower, but the people are more intense too.

    Little places like this are where people can have a longer running dialog and benefit from it. Got a hobby, or project or interest?

    Most of us do, and it’s radio.

    I like to dabble with embedded programming and electronics. There are a few places I hang out with like minded people, and those meetups are all night, “caffeine fueled” hack, program, assemble, ‘let the smoke out” type times. Everyone gets a lot out of them too.

    None of that happens in the same way without online conversations happening.

    And here’s yet another thing. If you do this stuff, learn to interact with people, write with less fear, get real, etc… you get something. What you get is other people who will know you on a basic level, and that can mean a lot. If I have a genuine question or need, I can go to my friends and talk about it. And I get damn good answers too. Very high value.

    Feed the net people. If you put good in and share in meaningful ways, you get the same thing back out more than anything else. Worth it, but you gotta do the work.

    I submit you might be a bit less willing to quickly judge somebody in this way. Times have changed.

    There will always be losers online that fit the “sad” characterization. But it’s just not about them anymore.


    One other thing gouge, you don’t really know who you wrote that to. Most of us do.

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