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    Alfredo, those super shitty corporate policies regarding pot use have a shelf life. As more states legalize, this issue will be litigated and pot users will ultimately win.

    Should anyone be fired for use of tobacco or alcohol after hours? Same will go for pot. Only a matter of time.

    And, I swung by Left Coast Connection today mostly due to their billboard advertisements. I bought 2 eighths for $55 for an adult weekend at the coast with other couples. My buddies restaurant workers who sell weed charge $45 per eighth and you don’t know what you’re getting.

    Bottom line, we will shift the revenue to over the table, rather than under the table. Current stats don’t lie, this is a huge market that has been waiting to come above board. Lot of money to be made. Who will become the Widmer of weed?


    I know that I have changed my opinion on this matter over the years. Part of it, as a non-user, I simply didn’t “get it.” Now, after more research, and knowing more of the history of marijuana, my conclusions led to me supporting the legalization of pot here in Oregon.

    I still don’t “get it” as far as a recreational drug, but that’s my issue and I won’t hold that over anyone.

    As far as what Skep asserted about those of faith not doing more about Creflo Dollar and his money, it works this way, I support, financially and otherwise, those faith based organizations that are actually out in the field doing the right thing. Like and the Oregon Center for Christian Voices among others. These social justice, progressive minded organizations are in the field, on the street and making a daily difference in the lives of those near and dear to you, Skep, the LGBTQ community. Giving voice to the voiceless.

    The Creflo Dollars of the world will never understand the gospel’s message of selflessness, serving others, social justice…Since I can’t reach into that domain, I choose to put my energies where I can make a difference. If that’s not good enough for you Skep, then I’m sorry that I have failed and disappointed you. I’ll go the gay/lesbian friendly church this Sunday not far from my house, and pour out my need for forgiveness for not doing more in Skep’s name.


    Why give to a middle man? Give to your causes directly.

    By making it shameful to give money to a church other than to keep the doors open (and pay hefty taxes if your church has over 200 members), you can SHAME the Creflo Dollars, Joel Osteen and mega churches out of business.

    Best part —> Jesus will be smiling down at you all!


    Shame won’t work. And it hasn’t worked. However, what I do believe will eventually bring down these types of pastors and mega churches is lack of attendance which brings down revenue.

    As Pew Research and a few others have reported, church attendance is down and continuing to go down. The Millennials view church vastly different then my generation and even more so from my parents generation.

    There is a dramatic shift away from going to church every Sunday and Wednesday. A shift back to small, in-home or community centered churches from many denominations.

    It may not happen overnight, but it will chip away at it. A generation from now, we might not see these types of prosperity gospel mega churches or they’ll just be hanging on.


    The decline of church attendance I feel is less about a “stepping away” from church and God, and more the creation of more and more alternate social structures in the 20th and 21st century. I imagine church attendance is as much (or more) about maintaining social connections as it is about celebrating God. But with mass media, and now the internet, people have so many social alternatives that church is no longer needed for that reason. Heck – this board has replaced some of the pre-Internet social groups that I once had.

    As for Creflo Dollar-type mega churches: if anything can be monetized and turned into a profit generating machine, it will be. They might evolve from brick & mortar churches to virtual churches – they already have to a large degree – but the money grafting mega churches aren’t going anywhere.


    Chris, I agree with you about some of what you said re: the Millennials. Yes, Church attendance is down and all along the way I’ve seen hints that the Ms aren’t buying into God the same way their parents are . . .


    how do you explain Creflo Dollar’s new jet? The fella went off and told us he needed a new jet, and not any jet, but THAT jet. Not a new building, Not to help the homeless, or the poor. Not to help children CPS are overwhelmed with, but rather, the “Holy Grail” of luxury private jets that cost $3,263.51 per hour to fly.

    Yes, the media did knock him around a bit, but he still got the jet.

    Where were God’s people? If there was ever a time to unite and delivering a crushing blow to someone abusing God’s words, Rev. Dollar was it.

    Rev. Dollar is up in the sky laughing and laughing and laughing at all you gullible Christians while his jet burns through $2,204.00 dollars worth of fuel per hour.

    To top it off, as far as I can tell, Rev. Dollar isn’t quite the same fellow-man hater as Broadway is. Dollar has some positive virtues that broadway does not. This is an epitome of the sad state of Christianity.

    If I were a Christian, I’d put my Bible away and take up something else to fill spiritual needs — like golfing. Alone on the greens attuned to the sky for spiritual needs.


    >>Dollar has some positive virtues that broadway does not
    Great, now I have to buy me a jet…donations accepted–:)


    Skep…As bad as Rev. Dollar has been, for me, it’s just not a fight worth getting into. As I read other progressive Christian bloggers, pastors and scholars, there will always be mega church leaders leading ostentatious lives.

    However, there are wonderful pastors, nuns, scholars and theologians who have a very different calling, pastors like: Frederick Buechner, Philip Gulley, Walter Brueggeman, Sister Joan Chittister, Father Richard Rohr…and so many others.

    Instead of chasing Rev. Dollar, I’d rather get encouragement from the folks above and go out into the world and “be the change I want to see.”

    I can’t change Rev. Dollar. I can change me and make a difference where I live. If that’s not good enough for you, then you go chase Rev. Dollar. He’s not worth it for me.


    Now Chris, Let me ask you this.
    For young adults who suffer from Anxiety/ depression. Would you rather they smoke a little bit of pot or be put on anxiety/antidepressant medication? I, For one am PRO POT and think pot is way safer than putting someone on anxiety/antidepressant medications.
    I know PLENTY of people in my life who are high strung, really stressed out and would benefit from smoking a little bit of the Sticky Icky.
    Im not a pot expert but Ive been reading that smoking a little of Sativa ( a certain type of pot) will actually give you energy and keep you focused through out the day. Sign me up.
    Infact i may have to go into one of the stores and talk to my local bartender : cough cough: i mean BUDtender and see if there is some Maryjane fit for me.
    I think if more people smoked pot,the world would be a much happier place.


    ” I can change me and make a difference where I live.”

    Not to knock the statement, but oddly enough, this is the the same kind of “dodging” otherwise good Christians are doing. Indeed one person I interviewed did the same. Retracted from a harsher comment at a fellow Christian (think broadway) when it occurred the her it would appear in print.

    Why? Why not thousands of Christians protesting in front of Dollar’s churches? You HAD the media on your side. Sure, Dollar would be still flying his jet, but reputation would be a lot more muddier than it is now. Did your pastor (or the average pastor in the average church) even mention Dollar by name in a sermon and his un-Jesus like conduct? Other than knowing the guy is on TV, maybe, they may know only little of him.

    Christians leaders don’t want to get their hands dirty by uniting and taking on a fellow Christian who is abusing God’s goodwill and that’s why Dollar got a free $60 million jet.

    Man, if I’m ever in the right place at the right time, No one could stop me from giving Dollar a very public spanking — but he likely has people to keep me away when he’s in public. What he doesn’t have, is a means to keep a fellow Christian, like one of the people you mentioned, who is face-to-face with him, from giving him the same spanking.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree, but we’ll have to add “yellow” to the lengthly list of the shortcomings of Christianity.


    >>the shortcomings of Christianity
    Sorry Skep, that’s what life is NOT about…Christians are not perfect but have experienced redemption…a life more abundant on this earth and an eternity in Heaven with our Savior God Jesus Christ…period.


    So Dollar is heaven bound?

    Maybe Broadway should get a jet. He is a lock right?

    Get the jet, pay a few token good deeds, and get saved one more time, just to be sure!

    Nice gig.


    Sativa pot is an energy strain, and it typically affects the head. Creative people benefit.

    Indica pot is more about the body, and it will relax people, make them feel good and will put most peeps to sleep.

    If you want to have fun with friends, a good, strong Sativa is generally a good call. People who do not use regularly d9 not need more than a modest inhale to cop a nice, chatty buzz.


    Vitalogy, how was your adult weekend?

    I just am home from a fun, camp fire evening. Good times.


    Pardon my being a butt-insky, but I think that people who suffer from clinical depression (mentioned a few posts ago) should be under professional supervision. I don’t think that self-medication is a good idea (regardless of whether it is marijuana, a few beers, etc) for them. Now that marijuana has been decriminalized, it can be part of the treatment program.

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