First Oregon in n out opens

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    in Medford. They say more stores will open in Oregon. My best guess is Eugene may be next, because it is the next larger city up the distribution line as well as not a burgerville market.


    Earlier this summer, I was lucky enough to have both Burgerville AND In N Out in the same night. Burgervile at PDX and In N Out in Las Vegas later that night. We saw Rush the next day at MGM.

    In N Out vs Burgerville is a legitimate fight. Overall, I think the cheeseburgers between them are pretty similar and tasty. The one difference is that In N Out serves their cheesburgers with lettuce. BV does not.

    Overall, I give BV the nod as their fries are way, WAY, better than In N Out. Not even close. Burgers are a tie but fries go to BV.




    Now, instead of not driving all the way to Redding, I can simply not drive to Medford for a burger.


    Double-Double, Animal style!


    In-N-Out=OVER-RATED(clap-clap-clapclapclap)OVER-RATED(clap-clap-clapclapclap)… :-p Five Guys, BV, even FrackBurger would be on my list before INO.


    I’m always surprised by how underwhelmed I am by these throwback-style burger joints that have become so famous (Five Guys, In-N-Out). Always a bit greasy, a little less flavor than I like, and no real value for the dollar. But people seem to love them.

    There is a new Frackburger out toward Sandy where I live, and I tried it this summer, but would like to go back and give them another try. At least it’s local and working to be a responsible business.

    darth talon

    In-N-Out is nothing but a novelty. Everyone that’s a fan of them have raved about how wonderful their burger is. I know people that will drive to Redding California just to eat there and come back. And now there so happy that their drive time is now a little bit shorter. Sure waste the time, money and gas just to have a burger.

    It’s a burger, nothing more. The way people talk about it. You would think their food gives people superpowers.

    But it’s a novelty, nothing more. Some people are old enough to remember when the only place to buy Coors beer was in California. People would drive to Redding just to buy a water down beer! Once it was the stores in Oregon to buy. Coors lost it novelty.

    Krispy Kream was also a novelty. People would bring back Krispy Kream donuts as a souvenirs. Then they opened up shop in Oregon. People talked about how they were the best donuts in the world. People stood in lines for a few hours just to buy a donut. The police were there for crowd control. Hell there was even a guard on the trash so nobody would dumpster dive and take away the practice donuts the workers made before the store opened.

    So one day In-N-Out will open more shops in Oregon. I’m sure the I-5 corridor will be littered with In-N-Outs. And when that happens, just like Coors and Krispy Kream. The novelty of In-N-Out will be gone. And people will stop raving about them.

    For all those people driving to Medford just to have a burger. Drive safe.


    In N OUT are the most over-rated burgers that are not very good and their fries taste like SH!T. I would much rather eat Five Guys or Burgerville. To be honest i Think Mcdonalds have the best tasting fries of the fast food chain, they also have the best sodas of any fast food chain. How can you mess up a soda, well its quite easy way too much syrup and not enough carbonation.


    When I was in junior high school, I read a newspaper article that stated that McDonald’s had a company-wide policy requiring the temperature of french fry fryers to be controlled within +/-5F and another company-wide policy that controlled how long burger patties could sit on the grill (waiting to be ordered) before they had to be discarded. I was quite impressed that a company could exercise such a level of discipline over its operations.

    According to the afternoon hosts on KPAM, at one time, there was a faddish appeal to In-N-Out Burger because of anagrams that could be made from the name. They did not give examples of In-N-Out Burger anagrams, but I read that one possible anagram is “Outer Burning.”

    Kim Davis and friends might enjoy having a dessert at the Cheesecake Factory. That restaurant’s name can be rearranged to “Seek The Theocracy Cafe.”


    It’s not necessarily an anagram, but you see plenty of bumper stickers in California with the “B” and the “r” missing from the sticker.


    Speaking of Burgers. Anybody Remember Fudruckers? I used to eat there all the time as a kid. I just had a burger at Fudruckers the other day and it has been at least 20 years since i last had a Fudruckers. The verdict- One of the best Damn burgers i have ever had in my life. I-5 South-take the lower Boones Ferry Exit in wilsonville. One of the last remaining Fudruckers in Oregon and one of the tastiest burgers i have ever had in my life. Fudruckers blows IN N Out out of the water. Fuck In N Out- there are much better burger places in oregon than In N Out.


    Anyone up for a Coors?


    I will agree In ‘n Out tasted much better to me 20 years ago than it does today. I have two theories and I think both apply. First, when something is hard to get it becomes more appetizing. (Langston’s Coors reference plays into this). Second, I think as one gets older, the fast food burger becomes less appetizing in general.

    However, I don’t think In ‘n Out is a fad. It has been in operation since 1948, any they still command long lines even in their native SoCal.

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