Finns new take on education

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    This seems worth following. I know the question of “why learn this?” was one of my personal struggles growing up. It still is.

    My kids have similar problems.

    The usual path is to put things into context as possible and time allows. Problem is not everyone has time and ability up to the task consistently enough to work.

    This idea of taking specific paths while insuring the important things get done along those paths feels like a big potential win.

    I’m self taught on a lot of things. And a whole lot of that was driven by a need or desire, which often has a path associated with it, and along the way, stuff to be learned and skills to be acquired.

    There seems to be a clash with the subject based education in core, or foundation things, but those things are common and just maybe learning them in context will work well.

    There is also the potential for people to take paths not well aligned with who they are and they may not know much about who they are, untimely they do some stuff too.

    Despite these things, I’m intrigued and will be following this effort.

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