Final Analysis of Primary Turnout

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    Despite her tight race with Socialist Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton received 1,019,237 fewer votes this year than in 2008.


    ** In 2008 there were 38,111,341 Democrat votes in the primary. In 2016 there were 29,939,251 votes. A net decrease of 8,172,090 (-21%).


    ** In 2012 there were 19,214,513 Republican votes in the primary. In 2016 there were 31,108,968 votes. A net increase of 11,894,455 (+62%).

    Republicans had 1.1 million more primary voters this year than the Democratic party.

    STUNNING FINAL ANALYSIS=> GOP Primary Turnout Up 62% This Year – Dem Primary Turnout Down 21% This Year


    What do we make of this? Do you REALLY think that there’s some sort of groundswell coming up under TD? Do you think that the hotly contested primaries had more people interested? Is that energy going to follow into the general? My bet is no.

    Andy Brown

    We’ve been over this ground before. There is close to zero value to these numbers except to the media pundits. The conclusion before still applies. If a lot of dissatisfied right wing voters show up in the red states in the primary you get this anomaly. It does not carry over to the general election. Besides being F&Bacon grasping at straws, a national tally of primary results that omit a lot of Independant voters is meaningless. The presidency is not decided by popular vote anyway. The Democratic Party remains way ahead in every Electoral College vote analysis by all the analytical organizations that are in that game and it still looks like Hillary will win in a landslide.


    The primaries are meaningless at this point. It’s all about the electoral math. And right now, just like Bernie knew along time ago, the math is against Trump in a major way.

    I’m willing to take up any bets with anyone who thinks otherwise.

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