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    Andy Brown

    Herb: “There are racist Republicans. There are racist Democrats.

    So let’s see your evidence there are more in the GOP.

    You can’t provide it for one simple reason. You’re blind.

    Here’s another reason. There are likely more racist/bigoted Democrats than anyone.”

    No, there aren’t. There are more racist Republicans, overall, across all the data I can find. Sadly, though, the data shows that we still live in a racist country with a long way to go before equality reigns.



    But that’s not the question we should be discussing. Attitudes, politically speaking, have changed over the short lifespan of the U.S. The Republicans were once the liberals and the Democrats the conservatives.

    No, Herb, politics today is more about power and money than race. However, drumpf tapped into the racism and has used the huge contingent of white lower class middle Americans to get elected and he will continue to feed them bones to keep them chomping at the bit. It’s all about votes, not morality.


    Trump himself is a racist. That’s why his supporters are racists. Birds of a feather.


    Barry O’Bama and some of his supporters aren’t racist? Yeah, right.
    Keep this nonsense up and Oregon will have two extreme left and right wing whack jobs running for governor like Virginia.


    Calling Obama “Barry” is dog whistle racism right there.


    Yeah, Mr. Moral Highground, whose comrades call Mr. Trump, Drumpf.

    And there’s indeed a difference.

    Barry Soetoro is precisely a name Barry has used and been known by. That’s on him. According to your own logic, Barry is racist. Don’t blame me. Here’s your proof.

    And to call our current President by another name he has never used is childish. Cause that’s how leftists roll.

    Leftists are such hypocrites. You can’t even lie well.


    No. Obama is not a racist.

    But, Trump is a racist, Herb is a racist, and anyone else who supports the kidnapping of infants from their family at the border is a racist (and a non-empathy feeling complete piece of shit).

    Andy Brown

    Herb, no one on this board has exhibited more hypocrisy than the right wingers trying to explain the dunderheaded mistakes made by Dubya and now drumpf. Yes, drumpf. What an ass. But you should feel good, Herb, because drumpf will go down in history as the WPE (to date, maybe not for-ever) removing that dastardly title from the brow of the still slimiest wretched human being to be president, Nixon.



    Absolutely. Shit, he makes W look like grandpa solid.


    Herb, I…uh, what?

    I don’t often view the links you post, but I watched this one. “Here’s your proof”???? What the holy hell are you talking about? It’s an innocuous Inside Edition piece on his childhood years spent in Indonesia.

    Proof of racism? Honest to god, what in the world do you see when you watch this? I’m dumbfounded.

    Edit Add: Is it because he used his stepfather’s name for awhile when he was a kid, but doesn’t anymore? Hell, I did that when I was a kid for a bit, went by my middle name instead of my first. Am I a racist too, for being fickle when I was 8 years old?

    You are scraping the bottom of the barrel now.


    While it doesn’t appear to be helping your cause, then continue to harangue the President. It’s definitely helping to ensure he’ll remain in office for some time to come. Your hatred is clearly helping his base.

    Republicans Are More Eager to Vote This Year Than Democrats


    After Mr. Trump’s second term, things could be nicely teed up for President Pence, who can be expected to nominate even more conservative justices. Bye bye, Roe v. Wade.

    Andy Brown


    You need some prune juice.

    Democrats lead in the generic Congressional ballot (as per your own link). Your boys at Rasmussen show the Democrats ahead by 4 points, but the average of all such major polls shows a deeper divide with Democrats up by 7 points.


    So go ahead and beat your chest, Herb, the post you made above holds not one iota of truth. But hey, that’s what we expect from you. Your tenet of right wing populism only underscores how racist and sexist the conservatives are, and most of his campaign promises have been left unfulfilled. Meanwhile, 37 House Republicans have decided not to run again and only 12 of those are running for Senate seats or governorships.

    drumpf has ridden the Obama economy for all the value he could, but has failed to produce an infrastructure bill and the supposed jobs that would come with it. Mexico isn’t going to pay for the wall and apparently his own cohorts in Congress aren’t in a hurry to even grant him any money to build it with. He’s made a ton of backwards progress (aka failure) in foreign relations and has yet to produce anything tangible with NK. Oh, and the market forces are with clean energy, not with drumpf’s failed attempt to reinstate coal as a prime energy source.

    Everything and anything you try to use as an example of how great drumpf’s presidency is can be shown to be a lie.

    Then there’s this:


    Somehow drumpf has forgotten we live in a Democratic Republic, not a totalitarian state.

    I guess you also have forgotten about the Nazis, specifically Goebbels, who said “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    So sad to see you as the lemming you are.

    Roe v Wade? It will still be in effect until the day you die, as it should be. The hypocrisy of the pro life movement is becoming keenly relevant and until the cheap ass GOP begins to realize that you can’t be pro birth and call it pro life, nothing you want will happen.

    SCOTUS? drumpf has had his one and only shot at this. After November, Herb, you will be pissing and moaning and not celebrating. You do realize that drumpf’s net approval has declined in all 50 states since he took office? Did you know that in Michigan and Wisconsin, two key states in his victory, his popularity is down by 18 and 17 points respectively? In Pennsylvania, he’s down 14 points. I was just in Pennsylvania at a gathering (several gatherings actually) of well educated citizens. While politics was not the focus, it was clear from the casual conversation surrounding the event that drumpf has lost any support of significance he might have had there.

    WTF are you celebrating, Herb? Are you doing anything more than watching Faux news and reading Rasmussen Reports? I didn’t think so. You are being duped (again, still). You deserve it.


    So those who predicted Hillary would win with a 92% chance are supposed to be listened to, as this President sees his highest approval numbers to date?


    As with Mark Twain, reports of Mr. Trump’s demise are premature.

    But when spin is all you’ve got, it’s understandable.

    Nice try.

    Andy Brown

    Hey Herb, you don’t play idiot very well. No where near as good at playing idiot then ol’ Vern. The big point flew right over your head. drumpf is gaining points in a national poll. drumpf is losing more then he’s gaining when you look at the state by state polls. What part of that math is too much for your feeble brain to compute?

    More polls means more data. More states polls means a more diverse sample. Re-election is about electoral votes and national polls don’t provide insight into that. Hillary won the popular vote, just like the polls said she would. drumpf is losing ground, buddy, and either you are too stupid to realize it or just prefer to remain ignorant. Your choice. Hey, by the way, this recent flap over separating children from their parents is already changing the dynamic that you are boasting about. Face it Herb, you aren’t really paying attention to the big picture. You are pathetic.





    There’s plenty more, just open your browser. It’s disgusting that people like you, Herb, turn a blind eye to the actions of a president and his administration that are so blatantly un-American. People like you, Herb, that are so loudly in favor of policies that hurt living people and favor those organisms that are just a bunch of cells that if you had your way would be forced to exist in a country that won’t feed, clothe and educate them in order to have any kind of chance to thrive. You and those that think like you are the abominable ones, buddy, and don’t think for a minute that the majority of people in this country have ever supported your sick and twisted agenda.

    Did you pick up a quart of prune juice? You’re going to need it. Your prima facie argument in this thread is already moot. drumpf’s so called rise in national popularity, debunked in my opening paragraph above, is already in tatters. You’re left standing on air like Wiley Coyote. The only way left is down. Even drumpf can’t defy physics. He’s done.

    Andy Brown

    Here’s some more reality check numbers for you, Herb.

    Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania (supposedly still in drumpf’s corral) . . . all with double digit decreases in drumpf’s approval. Bad news for you fantasy politics folks, Herb.

    How Trump’s Popularity Is Holding Up, By State

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