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    That guy is Mitt Romney 2.0


    Better than Trump 2.0.


    I’ll vote for Satan before I vote for Howard Schultz. It’s deeply personal for me, and there’s a special, special place in hell for that shitstain.


    Yeah, me too Brian.

    LOL Vitalogy! (I hope you know I know you are pissed at me, among other things, but the reverse is not true)

    Maybe not better man, and that is no joke. Don’t take that as support for the mad carnival barker. It’s not.

    Think lesser evil conversations still being evil conversations. And Schultz is competent. Trump is largely not. Big worries all around.

    “Lesser” is subjective. Trump is definitely evil, or “the very worst” to most. But not all.

    One can quibble in that, but it’s not hard to say there just isn’t any good there. For sure nothing to vote for, just against.

    Brian, say you had that scenario:

    Trump 2.0. R
    Schultz. D
    Stein. G
    Feel the Johnson L

    Say Sanders declined to run. I/D

    Your vote options would be:

    Vote major party R, D
    Vote other G, L
    No vote
    Write in, statement vote?

    What would you do?

    I would be inclined to no vote, maybe make a statement vote, where permitted. That election would be terrible. Johnson is out. Could vote Stein, but… that is a very reluctant vote. Something about her is off. Way off. Obviously we would need details, but that could be a no vote scenario, at first glance.

    That election would be irrational.


    Jill Stein is goofy, indeed. Of those, I would vote Sanders if he joins the foray. If it’s a choice between Trump and Schultz, I’ll write you in. 😏

    Howard Schultz completely fucked his own home town over. He clearly could not see what everyone else plainly saw, plain as day, and cast the deciding vote to sell the Sonics to Clay Bennett, who ultimately moved the franchise to Oklahoma City, ripping our beating hearts from our chests. His awful, shortsighted agreement of that, his complicity in the blatant lies and cover-ups in the move (watch Sonicsgate, that lays it all out), and he wants to be the President of the United States?

    I know this sounds irrational. And it probably is. But damn it, that pain is real for me, that hatred and anger still boils deep in my soul, and I will NEVER forgive that asshat for what he did. Never.

    There, I feel better.




    In a general election contest between Donald Trump and Howard Schultz, I would not have to think more than a nanosecond to vote for Schultz. And I don’t know almost anything about him other than his Starbucks connection.

    If he runs as a Democrat, he’d make better judicial appointments than Trump, pretty much guaranteed. What else do you need to know? Look at the most recent 5-4 Supreme Court cases you don’t like – and then look back to the 2000 election between Bush and Gore that gave us those decisions (thanks to justices appointed by Bush in 2005).


    Brian’s last post explains in full American political reality.

    Voters vote for emotional reasons. Full stop. It’s all advertising and manipulation.

    The problem is finding someone who can win the election beauty contest, who can then actually do something good afterwards.


    I’m not endorsing Schultz. I don’t know much about him other than the Starbucks connection. Not even sure if he’s a D or an R.

    As for the above voting example, I rest my case. You have to make the best choice of your choices, doing anything less puts you at risk of things like Trump getting elected.

    A protest vote or a no vote is a wasted vote.


    Except the Ok, feeling is mutual voters do not consider a stick in our eye a waste.

    Why care about you, when you don’t return the consideration?*

    Just one of many ways that evaluates.

    Actual reasons given for Trump votes, BTW.


    Do you expect a blowjob from the candidate to vote for them?

    Like I said, your response is my case resting on your face.

    When people waste their votes in protest or vote for people that have zero chance of winning, or worst of all, don’t bother to vote, you are by default giving more of an advantage to the candidate that ACTUALLY can win that is against your best interest.

    People like you are why we have Trump.


    Agreed. In the US system of presidential elections, there are only two choices. It shouldn’t be that way, but that’s how it is. I wish we could just vote for anyone and then vote again for the top two vote-getters in a runoff. But that isn’t the system we have. Writing in Bernie Sanders or Mickey Mouse or the Easter Bunny because you don’t like one of the candidates is just throwing away and helping the other candidate get elected. It’s tragic and sad that some people in our country cannot understand this very basic concept of voting.


    None of that actually tells me how we go win.


    In 2016, Clinton could have won if all of the “never Hillary” idiots would have realized what voting really means in a presidential election.


    Incrementally. Have you been noticing how the Republicans ended up with Trump and hard-right wing policies? It’s been going on for about 40 years, since Reagan’s “Government is the problem” speech. Prior to that, government solved problems…but that got in the way of corporations and the wealthy being able to do whatever the hell they wanted.

    Their playbook has been brilliant, actually. But they inadvertently created a FrankenTrump, and he will do heavy damage to the Republican brand for awhile; we’ll see if, when, and how they recover when this presidency is all over.

    Anyway…so the Republicans played the long game: take state houses so the states can be slowly gerrymandered. Have the Federalist Society groom uber-conservative judges and have every Republican president’s ear when it’s time to nominate. Shift Christians from advocating for civil rights (1960s) to advocating for religious rights (2010’s). And, crank up the anti-Democrat PR machine to 11 and never let up, by attacking relentlessly every Democratic leader or possible leader for any and every transgression, real or imagined. Basically, make them the devil. (worked on you, ala Hillary)

    No one single election will turn the tide toward true progressivism in this country. You take the wins where you can…DENY THE OPPOSITION ANY WINS OR TRACTION WHATSOEVER…constantly point out the dangers of governance by the other side. And in twenty years or so, you might very likely get your Bernie-esque candidate into the White House.

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