FCC: No AM Auction for FM Translators

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    Andy Brown

    “The government shouldn’t favor one class of licensees with an exclusive spectrum opportunity unavailable to others just because the company owns a license in the AM band.”

    Except the government has always favored licensees over non licensees in any rule making, essentially raising the bar to get into the business.

    The other comment that caught my eye is that there will apparently be no rush to transitional or all digital AM. That is a double edge sword as it would serve broadcasters before and more significantly faster than it would the public.

    Being that there is still another comment period about the translators, this is FAR from a done deal. There will be some reaction to this statement by the various lobbies.

    If the government really wants to foster growth in the LPFM community, it won’t be done by letting the behemoth owners whom are already maxed out in some markets to further flood the spectrum with their chazerei (shit). Some of the current “fill in” translator for full Class FM stations are a joke. Having their crap up and down the dial in multiple places does not serve the public interest. Period.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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