FCC Incentive Auction Has Ended

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    Edge Spectrum, Inc. has done it again. The company is buying another handful of Oregon and Idaho Low Power TV stations for $72 million.


    This along with the prior sale of 3ABN LPTV stations in March. In this second national deal to sell stations held by various companies using the EICB-TV name to Edge Spectrum.

    The buyer’s website says it is “building a new nationwide wireless network” and touts its service as an alternative to distribution of content by wired computer networks. Stations that are part of the deal include:

    Oregon: KCKW-LD, K16JS-D and one unbuilt (Eugene) – K42JO-D (Klamath Falls) – K49KT-D (Bend)

    Idaho: K50LX-D (Boise) – K30MC-D and K33LF-D (Lewiston)


    I wonder whether Edge Spectrum will end up like another company that paid a lot of money to buy up a plethora of radio properties almost two decades ago.


    Television broadcasters should consider this business model carefully. 6 MHz ‘downlink’ channel is broader than the 5 MHz cellular 600 MHz block enjoys. There is enough TV spectrum in most markets for the FCC to allocate / auction a 6 MHz uplink channel as well.


    Public TV Station KRCB-TV acquires KCSM-TV

    Fellow PBS station KRCB-TV in Santa Rosa acquires KCSM-TV San Francisco. The purchase was driven in keeping a Public Broadcast Station on the air after the spectrum repack. KCSM was unable to be sold during specturm action.



    This is a good move for KRCB. They made $72 million in the auction, and for $12 million will keep a UHF signal–and a better one for the bulk of the population. Net profit is a hair less than $60 million (they have to fund their own move to low-VHF) and they wind up in arguably a better position than they’re in today.

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)
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