FCC Incentive Auction Has Ended

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    Did a rescan on my TV last week… KVDO showed up as Chan 3…tx down somewhere SE of Albany….


    Various PBS stations noted in a spreadsheet: (Linked on Current.org)


    Oregon Public Broadcasting stations are staying put. Not sure how this will affect the translators. Any TX on Ch. 38-50 will have to brought to the new in core channels 02-36..


    At least the Megler (Astoria) translators are safe. OPB is on 23. The highest is KOIN at 34. But who knows how long it will be until they decide to take more spectrum?


    Yes, I was referring to KNMT.Sorry about the confusion. I was thinking of the LA calls. Portland will be affected less than some other markets. You mention the Watch TV channels, there should be plenty of room for KOIN & KATU to move. Seattle will be affected more, as will LA. The new upcoming list should be interesting.


    FCC To Announce Auction Winners In April


    The tell-all notice on who got what in the reverse auction and who’s going where in the repack will be issued shortly following the end of the assignment auction, now set for March 30.


    Sinclair has put out some information from incentive Auction.

    The station group made $313 million.
    Out of it’s 173 stations that they owner/operate.
    93 stations which include KATU, KOMO and KUNS will have to repack. 77 stations will remain on the current RF Channels.

    Only three of there stations will be sold. And will go off the air. KLEW in Lewiston might be gone. Since this station is broadcasting in a sub area outside of Spokane.


    Here is how the KOIN (Prior) ownership did in Spectrum Auction

    Media-General – Made $479 million; (This is before the Merger)
    Nexstar – Sold no stations; (Again before the Merger)

    New ownership after Merger, 90 stations repacked across both groups of stations. KOIN will be repacked.



    NAB has started a repack database.


    Reports out so far from the web.

    KATU repacked from 43 to 24
    KOPB staying on 10
    KPDX staying on 30
    KPTV staying on 12

    Not listed yet.

    Stations not repacking or could.

    KGW remaining on 8
    KPXG remaining on 22
    KRCW remaining on 33

    Stations that will need to repack

    KNMT will be repacked
    KOIN will be repacked

    Most of the repacking is going to occur. With the stations at KOIN-TV master antenna site.

    Also Rabbit Ears website has a nice repack checker page. For just a signal listing of station. All be it hard to find.

    Any station that is being repacked from a higher UHF channel. To a lower UHF channel. Will see there power levels drop by at least 15%.


    The repacking shouldn’t have no effect on the translators if the translator is below 38. At least the 5 at Megler (Astoria) all are below 38 (KOIN 34) being the highest.
    I thought 1 Megawatt for digital is the norm on UHF, with 5 being under analog. Is this a change?
    With KATU going to 24, it doesn’t look like they are interested in going back to low VHF or isn’t the FCC allowing it?


    Some LPTV stations in Northwest have just been sold. And there going off the air for good. As part of the specturm repack.

    Edge Spectrum is buying 71 low-power TV stations from Three Angels Broadcasting Network, including 11 in the Pacific Northwest. The deal totals $3.2 million. (This does not include Beter Life network of stations. KBLN-TV Grants Pass and KEVE-LP Vancouver.)


    The buyer’s website says it “is addressing the growing demand for wireless mobile broadband Internet services and for low-cost and high-quality Over-The-Top content delivery alternatives to broadband cable and satellite unicast Internet service providers. Northwest stations included in the deal are:


    K17JY-D and K15IL-D John Day, K17DU Christmas Valley, K48GC-D Florence, K21KE-D Canyonville, K34IC-D Gilde, K21KB-D Bookings, K31KZ-D Lakeview. K08OU-D Seattle, K26GV-D Omak, K41MM-D Pateros


    The most significant LPTV on that list is Ch. 8 Seattle. All the others are LPTVs serving small towns (i.e. John Day/Canyon City). It’ll be interesting to see if 3 Angels is able to move anywhere else in the Seattle market.

    RabbitEars has a link on their blog to a page on the NAB website summarizing repack-related moves. The information on the NAB database reportedly comes from stations themselves. It’s incomplete because not everybody responded to NAB right away, and of course we’re still waiting on the FCC’s full report on who goes where due next month. But it gives some idea of trends so far. And keep in mind that we haven’t heard from everyone in the Portland market yet. Daystar Ch. 42 and KGWZ Ch. 46 aren’t listed, and no mention of Watch TV yet. But something to keep an eye on nonetheless.


    The FCC has extended Channel Sharing in a new rule-making. Allowing LPTV stations and translators to share channels with Class A and Full power stations.


    This would be a great fit for Daystar and TBN. To channel share locally on KNMT-TV full power signal.


    A TBN/Daystar channel-share agreement would make sense, since they have similar programs and are on cable here (although Daystar is picked up by Comcast off the network rather than over the air Ch. 42).

    That would leave Ch. 42 vacant or possibly could be sold to someone else. If the latter, it would likely have to move. KGWZ might fall into the same category; a channel share with sister KGW might make sense there.

    The article, however, says that under the new rule, LPTVs involved in channel share arrangements might not be allowed to have must carry status for cable outlets. That might be a mistake, especially if it carries a network not otherwise be available in a given area (Buzzer or Movies, for example). In big cities like LA and NYC, this might encourage a lot of such agreements. What happens to some of the subchannel networks in the process might be something to watch for.


    Ch 26 is back on in Portland. They are carrying, along with sister ch 21 in Salem, the Dove Network from Medford.


    The 600MHz auction finally ended today. The wireless companies put out another $136M to get the spectrum blocks they wanted.

    All indications are that the FCC is on track to publish the auction results in about 2 weeks. Then we’ll finally know who’s moving and where and who’s going off. In our area there are only three stations and a handful of LPTV’s that are now considered out of core.

    Then the 39 month countdown begins to make it happen. According to some published reports. Portland area is listed in transistion phase 2. Which will happen in about 18 months.

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