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    FCC grants move (and upgrade to C1) of CP for 104.5 Moro to White Salmon over Entercom’s objection: http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2016/db0627/DA-16-726A1.pdf


    So everyone is tongue tied about the above post?

    There is a certain sense of jadedness about the modern world:

    1) Turn on an AM radio on the weekend, and you will likely hear syndicated programming that has been time shifted. Nobody’s home at the local studio.

    2) Turn on an FM radio, and you will likely hear voice tracking if the format uses personalities, at all. You will not very likely to hear call-in contests and shout-outs to listeners. It would be pointless to call such a station for a request or dedication.

    3) “Progress” has made it such that the only way to watch TV on the go is on a digital device such as a mobile phone or tablet. Conveniently, these devices are creating a demand for UHF spectrum that has historically been assigned to television broadcasters. Of course, it used to be that viewers could receive these signals free of charge, but after the spectrum is sold, they will have to pay for data plans in order to continue using it.

    4) We have too many outlets for opinion, cute cat pictures, and other forms of “bread and circuses.”

    Andy Brown

    The fight continues over the progress / responsibility paradigm for telecom providers migrating from TDM to IP (an oversimplification of this NPRM from 2014. It takes years for some of these proposals to get done in such a way that everybody’s happy. You may have gotten wind of this under an incomplete description along the lines of how telecom providers must have back up power sources for consumer service continuity.





    Andy Brown

    Vasco Oburoni was given the opportunity to stop “playing radio,” but he chose not to.

    Andy Brown

    The NAB (the guys in black hats) keeps pushing for further consolidation of media ownership. Somehow I just don’t see how eliminating competition is a good thing for anybody including the super media owners.

    “Calling the commission’s decisions “faulty” and “divorced from current competitive realities,” the National Association of Broadcasters formally is asking the Federal Communication Commission to reevaluate its stance on media ownership.

    The NAB likely feels that by the time the commission gets around to considering this, this formal request — filed as a formal petition for reconsideration with the FCC on Dec. 1 — will get a more sympathetic hearing under a Republican-led commission and a Trump administration, which has stated that easing regulatory burdens on businesses is a priority.

    Back in August, the FCC adopted an order retaining the rules surrounding broadcast ownership; in the months since, the NAB has urged the commission to reconsider major aspects of the order. In the petition for reconsideration filed on Dec. 1, the NAB asks the commission to reverse its stance on several issues, including the ban on print newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership and the restrictions on radio/TV cross-ownership.”


    There are a handful of conservatively owned and run corporations that control 90% of the media today. In 1983, 90% of the media was owned by 50 corporations. The idea of ‘liberal’ media is bunk. Only the small progressive outlets on the net are progressively owned and operated.



    Analog TV station???

    TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2017
    The Federal Communications Commission will hold an Open Meeting on the subjects listed below on Tuesday, January 31, 2017, which is scheduled to commence at 10:30 a.m. in Room TW-C305, at 445 12th Street, S.W., Washington, D.C.

    4. MEDIA TITLE: Television Capital Corporation of
    Portland, Application For a New Commercial
    Television Station at Portland, Oregon
    SUMMARY: The Commission will consider a
    Memorandum Opinion and Order concerning the
    dismissal of the applicant’s application for a new
    analog television station at Portland, Oregon.


    A new *analog* TV station? I would imagine that this would be corrected to *digital* when the FCC takes it up. Anyone know who the applicants are? Any idea what physical channel they’re applying for, as well as virtual?

    Meanwhile, KGWZ continues to run Skycam shots with no sound, as I understand the situation at Ch. 46. Wonder if this new application will prompt KGW to do something about KGWZ.

    Andy Brown

    The Construction Permit for a new Ch. 40 license was dismissed in 2007 and purged in 2012 as it was not possible to issue a permit or license for analog TV anymore. Why it’s coming around again is a good question.




    I believe this to be a very old application in its original form, something like 30 or even 40 years! It seems like an Indian tribe was involved.


    This didn’t take long.
    TELEVISION CAPITAL CORPORATION OF PORTLAND, APPLICATION FOR A NEW COMMERCIAL TELEVISION STATION AT PORTLAND, OREGON. Commission affirms dismissal of application of Television Capital Corporation of Portland for a new, full-power analog television station serving Portland, Oregon. Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 01/31/2017 by MO&O. (FCC No. 17-8). MB

    Andy Brown


    Not a big change, but significant.

    Under the old rule, an AM station could place a rebroadcasting FM translator either within its daytime service contour or within a 25-mile radius of its transmitter, whichever distance was less. The new rule allows the rebroadcasting FM translator to be located anywhere within the AM station’s daytime service contour or anywhere within a 25-mile radius of the transmitter, even if the contour extends farther than 25 miles from the transmitter.



    This is a bit confusing. “The new rule allows the rebroadcasting FM translator to be located anywhere within the AM station’s daytime service contour or anywhere within a 25-mile radius of the transmitter, even if the contour extends farther than 25 miles from the transmitter.”
    Does “even if the contour extends farther than 25 miles from the transmitter” mean that if the AM Daytime Service contour radius is currently 10 miles from its transmitter it could now have an FM transmitter with coverage as far as 25 miles from the AM transmitter location?

    Andy Brown

    Yes. Remember that it would be still bound to all translator spacing, contour protection and maximum power rules.


    If you don’t file your paperwork on time to the FCC. This is what will happen. Just short of taking away your broadcast license.

    The FCC’s Media Bureau and KM Television of Iowa, licensee of KWKB/20.1 (Iowa City, IA), have agreed to a consent decree to settle allegations that KWKB was late in placing several reports in its electronic public file. KM will pay a $13,500 settlement. KWKB, a former WB and CW affiliate, currently carries ThisTV on its primary channel.


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