FBI Cannot Recomment Indictment

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    Hillary may be off the hook for indictment, but the political repercussions are not known at this time. She was reprimanded, but not penalized.

    That being said, IMO, she is still far and above the better candidate heading into November.

    The optics of her and Obama today were quite good. If they can keep this energy going, the electoral map will be blue on November 8th.


    Hillary and Obama can keep it going – they know how to run a campaign marathon, and have been successful at it.

    Trump reminds me of a parade I saw in a small midwestern town once. Main Street was four blocks long, as was the length of the parade. The whole town cheered, the parade participants put on a great display…and the parade was over in about ten minutes. So, they circled around to 2nd street, went back, and did the parade again, with the same level of energy from the crowd and the people in the parade. Then…they did it a third time, everyone behaving as if it were the first time anyone had seen the parade that day.

    I can see Trump running his 10-minute parade over and over and over and over again until November. His base will cheer each time as if it were the first, but the rest of America will walk away from the show pretty quickly.


    The whole email issue is a bunch of partisan crap. I highly doubt there are any credible voters who can say this would make them switch their vote to Trump solely because of the email issue. And any that did say that was the reason are lying.

    Speaking of parades, here’s a Trump supporter’s idea of a family friendly float in the local hillbilly parade. And for the record, he says he’s not racist. Um, yeah.

    Don Christy doesn’t care what you think about his parade float. To him, the words “Lying African” in front of a depiction of President Barack Obama was funny.

    Many, however, are questioning the town officials, police and organizers who allowed the 73-year-old Christy to drive the display in Monday’s Fourth of July parade in Sheridan, a rural community of 2,900 in northern Hamilton County, north of Indianapolis.

    “I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a Republican,” Christy told IndyStar. “I’m a patriot.”

    Christy wore a prison jumpsuit and a blond wig while driving a golf cart in the parade. The cart’s roof displayed signs in support of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. On the front was the head of a stuffed animal with a sign reading “African Lion.” On the back, a doll with an Obama mask was propped in a toilet with a sign reading “Lying African.”

    “The parade, it’s for kids. This is Independence Day,” said Darryl Brownie, 31. “It was just wrong.”

    Brownie attended the parade with his wife and four children, ages 2 through 9. He snapped photos when he saw Christy’s golf cart, then posted the pictures to Facebook because he wanted to let the public know “how disrespectful it was.”

    Rebekah Sanders, who attended the parade with her husband and 2-year-old daughter, Eleanor, said she was “absolutely appalled by the float.”

    “Too many people die fighting for our freedom,” said Sanders, 24. “I don’t think that display is the type of freedom they are out there fighting for.”

    Sanders said she has attended the Sheridan parade for years, but her family won’t be back next year.

    “I do not want my child to think that racism is OK,” Sanders said.


    Wow! So your telling me General Petraeus was guilt, pled down to a misdemeanor and was fired while Hillary Clinton has no charges filed and is a potential president of the United States… are we on crack! Oh and Title 18, USC. SEC 793F states it is a crime even if she didn’t know she was doing wrong. Ignorance is no excuse!

    Andy Brown

    Get over it.

    The Petraeus case, long seen by some as a potentially analogous investigation into the mishandling of government secrets, resurfaced within minutes of the FBI’s announcement on Tuesday when Republican presidential Donald Trump tweeted: “The system is rigged. General Petraeus got in trouble for far less.”

    But that statement is dubious. Though both investigations examined the handling of classified information by powerful government officials, and both drew the attention of the highest-ranking officials of the FBI and the Justice Department, the probes are separated by critical distinctions.

    In Clinton’s case, for instance, FBI Director James Comey said that though the former secretary of her state and her aides had been “extremely careless” with classified information that flowed through her private email server, there was no evidence that anyone intended to violate laws that govern the handling of secret records.

    Yet when Petraeus pleaded guilty last year to sharing binders of classified information with his biographer, a woman with whom he was having a sexual relationship, the Justice Department made clear that the retired Army general knew the material was top secret when he divulged it and had lied to the FBI about it.

    Petraeus told Paula Broadwell, his biographer, in a recorded conversation in 2011 that the black books he was giving her were “highly classified” and contained “code word stuff,” prosecutors said. A year later, he told FBI agents who questioned him that he had never shared classified information with Broadwell.

    Though he was never charged with making false statements, Petraeus admitted to a misdemeanor crime of mishandling classified information and received probation and no prison time.

    That misdemeanor outcome, in a case prosecutors said involved evidence of a false statement and willful mishandling, struck some legal experts and law enforcement officials as overly generous and likely made it much harder to bring any charges in the Clinton investigation — a case Comey said was lacking in criminal intent.

    “The evidence in the Petraeus case of willfulness was significant,” said James Melendres, a former Justice Department prosecutor and the lead prosecutor in that case. “The false statement was an aggravating feature.”

    Those are among the elements of a crime that the FBI looks for in investigations concerning the mishandling of classified information, Comey said Tuesday. Cases prosecuted for that offense historically involve intentional or willful mishandling of classified information, signs of disloyalty to the United States, efforts to obstruct justice or the disclosure of vast quantities of secret records.

    “We do not see those things here,” he said.

    The Petraeus case is “more in line with the types of cases that have been prosecuted, which is when information was clearly marked or there is a significant amount of it in paper,” said Mark Zaid, a Washington national security lawyer.


    It’s clear that Hillary was very careless with classified documents. Therefore Paul Ryan says she should not receive security briefings as a candidate:

    Ryan: Intelligence community should refuse to brief Clinton


    So what?


    Maybe blatant lying to the press and the American people and carelessness with matters of national security won’t affect those already committed to Hillary, but it might matter to the undecideds.

    That a presidential candidate can’t be trusted with matters of intelligence is worth more than a “so what?”.


    Ordinarily such revelations would be quite damaging to a candidate, but not when your opponent is the Velveeta Raccoon.


    “Maybe blatant lying to the press and the American people and carelessness with matters of national security won’t affect those already committed to Hillary, but it might matter to the undecideds.

    That a presidential candidate can’t be trusted with matters of intelligence is worth more than a “so what?”.”

    Describing TD to a Tee, eh?


    “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.

    If a ruler listens to falsehood, all his officials will be wicked.” Proverbs 29:2, 12

    Wisdom PLEASE!


    So the Bible predicted the rise of Trump?

    Andy Brown

    It is hilarious that anyone, whether on the internet or in person, quotes from the bible as an absolute source of truth, considering that it is simplistic beyond measure to show that the bible itself is inaccurate and nothing more than a hodgepodge of older stories from multiple cultures. It does nothing to quote from the bible to support your ideas on issues of morality, as you’re quoting from an obfuscated version of a different myth and are certainly not morally right for doing so.

    Also, bible bangers have been shown to be of lesser intelligence in many studies on the subject.



    Ugh!!! Not again.

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