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    Wow…I just heard about this trend a week ago…fast food drive-thrus where the car ahead of you pays for your order. I thought, weird, but cool.

    So tonight it happened to me for the first time. Taco
    Bell, and the car ahead placed an order that was around $28. My immediate reaction was this was going to take awhile. Actually, his order didn’t take much time at all.

    So I arrive at the window and my order (only 4 bucks), was paid for by the car in front of me. So, being new to this, I replied to the friendly clerk, “Well, I have heard about this but I’m not sure what is behind me”. And he gave their total, which was about 8 bucks. I said, “thanks, but no thanks”, and got my meal for free. Am I disrupting the system, or did I do the right thing? On one hand I appreciate the car ahead paying my order, but on the other, I don’t want to pay 8 bucks for a 4 dollar order. Oh, this is REALLY confusing!


    It is a game of chance.

    I would have pAid it. A few bucks for a little bit of fun.

    Deane Johnson

    My sister was in a line at the drug store a few months ago paying for some prescriptions. Her bill was about $40 or $50. A black lady ahead of her said “just put her’s on my bill” and paid for my sister’s tab. She’s still trying to figure out what happened. It was over before she could gather her thoughts on it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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