Faithless Electors

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    I think this push to encourage faithless electors was a very bad idea. How would you have felt if Hillary had won 270 to 268, but those Washington faithless electors took her below the threshold and sent the decision to the House and Trump won?

    A couple of faithless electors changing the outcome of an election? That would not be good.


    Bacon, it would (once again) test the Constitutional instrument, to see if it can operate as the Framers intended…or operate at all, even if it’s not the way the Framers intended.

    If enough Trump electors had defected and overturned the madate of the states that chose him, that would have been an amazing test of the Constitution – and we would have seen if we could handle that. Would America have accepted the outcome, or would there have been another Civil War? These are all tests of this relatively young American experiment called constitutional representative democracy.

    But the election of Trump will test the Constitution as well. If you are afraid of the electoral college shaking things up, then you should be mortified by what Trump will do to the norms of American government. And these are not worried statements of naysayers – these promises have come from Trump himself. You and his other followers asked for this president. I don’t think you realize what you voted for.

    Andy Brown

    It’s noteworthy that drumpf, with a 306 electoral vote win, takes his place in the bottom 20% of all Presidental winning margins. Not to mention a popular vote loss of 3 million votes.


    Actually, 304. Two Trump electors defected.


    Yet he continues to call his victory “a landslide”.

    One of several hundred lies from Trump. Makes Nixon look like a saint.

    Oh, and for those keeping score, Trump has already called the Berlin killings tonight an ISIS terror attack, with no evidence to back this up as of now. Will this be his Presidential attitude? God help us.


    We have entered the era of “doublethink”. 🙁


    Trump doesn’t care. He will max this out. Once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Going there does us no good.

    He’s immune.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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