Execution of two NYPD officers


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    And let’s not forget, the NRA allowed this guy to be armed.

    And let’s not also forget this is a response due to a customer service issue with the police by an obviously mentally ill person who should not have owned guns.


    And let’s not forget that the media and some individuals are making incendiary comments about police (including the mayor of NYC!) and turning them into the enemy, even for a case of self-defense against a robber and thug who struck a police officer and attempted to take his gun.


    The media and some individuals wouldn’t have incendiary comments about police if police were serving the public properly. Remember, police are part of the priveldged public workforce, paid by tax payers to serve the public.

    I don’t condone violence against cops, but let’s at least admit that they have brought this on themselves by their behavior. And actions like turning their backs on the mayor certainly doesn’t help to bridge the gap of trust the public currently has in it’s police force.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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