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    Damnit!! The new software automatically embeds the videos and thus appears to be Motozak-proof.


    “I vaguely remember one time that Motozak went off on a homophobic rant.”

    Yes, this is the rant I’m referring to.


    I wish that I had thought to point out that Alan Turing (who techies, hackers, and geeks generally consider a hero) was gay. Imagine the fireworks that would have gone off! 🙂

    Andy Brown

    Hey Vitalogy, STFU. No one has attacked you. If you don’t want to make a contribution to the thread, don’t post. There’s plenty of room on the forum for you to express the thoughts bottled up in your swelled head (either one). Be positive or avoid the thread. Wait, I’ll pull up an extra chair for your ego. All your big income doesn’t give you privileges to post like a moron. If you’re looking to be banned from the board, keep it up, it can be arranged. The kind of posts you’ve made in this thread are exactly the kind of stuff Dan hates. I eagerly await your reply rant so I can add it to my email to Dan.


    Who made you boss of the board?

    Go ahead and email Dan. I stand by what I post. It’s my opinion, just as everyone else posts.

    And if Dan wants to ban me, it’s his call, not yours. Start your own board if you want to play board bully.


    OK, a nice post to end this. Re: andy. We have all learned what this was, and there is really nothing more to say about it. An interesting twist among those who created it, but it probably is over. Extending it offers no education to PDX users. Done.


    Now that we know “The Reeest of the story,” I’m calling this topic done. The closing thought that I would like to offer is that I would welcome the creators of Motozak to become regular participants here, as I enjoyed their technical insights.


    I’ll try to close this thread on a completely unrelated topic, just to mention that I like your new avatar, Alfredo. Haven’t been by that place in ages!


    So I guess my fantasy of meeting Motozak3 is forever out of the question. I was so curious and wondering what he was like IRL right up until the “gay rant”.

    Well played guys, well played!


    Phreakazoid (pseudonym of Will Tollefson; pseudonym of another name I won’t disclose here yet because he’s also a subject in a pending investigation) committed suicide by drug interaction in his Hazel Dell apartment sometime last week. There is no funeral planned and the limited family he has in the area prefer that no flowers or cards be sent.

    Basically, he was a mess on here and became even more so. The story I’ve been related is his neighbor came by last saturday and found him splayed out on the floor with a porno DVD playing and several empty Jack Daniel’s bottles plus a half-gone container of Nightol pills in his hand. He had a history of heroin abuse previously and was a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. Much as I couldn’t stand the guy (full disclosure: even though I supervised the project, even in its final years/months, and disagreed with 90% of his postings here, I barely even knew him personally which is why I disputed his qualifications as a potential motozak torch-carrier) I tried to get him some help but he turned it down. Oh well. You can only do so much to help some people, I guess.

    Unrelated, I noticed that a bunch of my responses in this thread have mysteriously vanished.

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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