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    Andy Brown

    @gouge Thanks for the follow up explanations, revelations and clarifications not to mention the character aggregation dissection.

    @Alfredo There are many lurkers that finally snap and make a few posts, usually because they must respond to a particular post. Then they hang around for a while but soon disappear back into the ether. Dan could do himself a favor by deleting accounts that have been inactive for years, but I think he has achieved that with this recent move to WordPress that makes folks re-confirm/register with a new password. Actually you can re-enter your old password and it will accept it. I did that, and then went back and changed it to something more secure.

    The following map is just a test. It appears WordPress creates its own thumbnail, which often is clear enough but right clicking and opening in a new tab or window will bring up the full image from its source. I want to see if the thumbnail is worth posting and if posting a graphic link without code will result in the same thumbnail.

    First, using the IMG tags and code:

    Map of proposed 105.5 MHz LPFM's in Portland Oregon

    Now just posting the source link:

    OK, so it appears that just posting the source link provides a link but no thumbnail. Oddly, posting a youtube link will embed the video.

    Andy Brown

    “Heh heh, Gotta love good old exploitable WordPress.”

    I’ve noticed. I just took out my comment about what you addressed in your follow up, and that was a post made 28 hours ago from this one.


    I got suckered into a classic Motozak conversation about a former girlfriend who was into all the healthy food and how Moto hated the girlfriends attempt to get him to try organic foods and such.

    Now looking back, and knowing the back story, I’m laughing at how easy it is to be fooled online.

    This thread has turned epic.


    Agreed, Chris. This is one of the more interesting threads on PDX ever. Of course, there is always the possibility that we are being duped twice, and Moto actually exists. (Doubt that, what with all the referencing).

    Those who run sites similar to this should, and probably will use it as an example of some of the frailties of such a site.

    In the end, perhaps it is a good thing that some challenge the common belief. Many good things have happened due to challenges like this.


    The one thing about Motozak3 that I found very unusual, yet not completely implausible, was that somebody in his 20s would have such a passion for the history of telephone technology. The reason that it did not seem completely implausible was that when I was in my 20s, some of the Baby Boomers around me were flabbergasted that I would take any interest at all in vacuum tubes, records, reel-to-reel tapes, and AM radio.


    Same here. People enjoy older tech for a lot of reasons.


    My favorite “old tech.” The Timex Sinclair computer.

    I wish I still had the one I bought many years ago.


    My dad had the TRS-80 MC 10, which was almost identical to the Timex Sinclair shown above. The MC 10 had 4 kB RAM built in, and a 16 kB RAM expansion pack was available.


    I vaguely remember another computer that resembled it. Even though my iphone can do everything, I still would have fun working with that Timex Sinclair. I remember I made a program that would make a block appear at random locations on my TV screen and was fascinated by that, as I and many were by “pong” of the same era.

    Programs and data had to be stored on a cassette tape and be loaded into the couputer each time.

    My first real computer after that was Radio Shack’s Tandy 2000. I used that for years. I had to come up with my own program within excel to print mailing labels on a dot matrix printer. It was fun working with that stuff, though I appreciate that now everything is so much more user friendly and there aren’t gigantic manuals to wade through just to be able to use a basic data base program.


    I remember a thread where Motozak3 had a story about a vegan ex-girlfriend, and he went on about what a disaster the relationship became due to her dietary restrictions. Perhaps, that was the same as the health food thread.


    So which Motozak was from England originally and lived in his mother’s basement and rode a bike and worked for UPS and lived in Vancouver and had a great Union Pension ? Version 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 ? Or am I getting them mixed up ?


    I sure as hell am glad I’m not the only one that is confused here.


    Wayne worked for USPS.

    Which moto was the bigot that flipped his lid?


    Who gives a fuck? Everything and everything regarding
    “motozak” is even lamer than anyone could have predicted. It was lame if it was real, but it’s even more lame that “motozak” was a ruse. The people behind “motozak” are complete tools (losers for those that have trouble with the term tool).


    I vaguely remember one time that Motozak went off on a homophobic rant. That was not very cool.

    Otherwise, my recollection is that some people would take some of motozak’s quirks way too personally (I think his insistence on re-formatting YouTube URLs was a biggie). For those who don’t remember, any random poster would offer a copied-and-pasted YouTube URL like the following:

    Motozak would immediately jump in and offer a modified URL:

    Motozak’s modification of the URL accomplished two things:
    1) It causes the video to fill up the browser window. Some people, including me, find this more visually pleasing.

    2) It causes the video to be delivered to you over an encrypted connection.

    After giving the modified URL, Motozak would type something like ” <–Fixed,” implying (in the interpretation of some) that Motozak had appointed himself as the board’s technical expert and that those who didn’t do things the Motozak way were ignorant fools.

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