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    Since I’m here….When will someone come in and challenge KKNU ?

    Could’nt KRKT move their transmitter to Blanton ?

    I have noticed they are playing a little more gold…but some of them really stink.


    I think it would be counterproductive for the “best small market radio station in America” to move to Eugene!


    exradiodude: Robin Mitchell challenged KKNU a while back, and before that Cat Country. Worked there a whole three days after my Clear Channel KRKT departure, but that was because Marathon bought Cat Country and no hires were allowed.

    I thought Mitchell did a great job and actually wanted to work for him, but don’t know the end of what all happened there as I moved out of state for a job.

    Yeah, someone could come in and tackle KKNU, but you can’t stick to the old cookie cutter country. It would be a lot of work, but it’s possible. I only say that because I’ve won against other stations that I was told would be tough to beat.

    It’s all in how you play the game, and use your “common” sense. Kind of like being an artist, you either don’t know how to paint, but others think you do, or you DO know how to paint, but the right people haven’t noticed yet. 🙂

    I would bet to keep an eye on KKNU in the coming year. Everytime things get comfortable for a station, somebody else kicks in.


    Robin Mitchell certainly tried to challenge KKNU with 95.3 The Moose, and as far as programming and promotion he did a fine job. However, the reason he couldn’t come close in ratings is due to ownership. Cumulus ran 95.3 as a jukebox, without any live personalities. Mitchell was the only contributor of content, with liners and promos.

    In contrast, McKenzie River Broadcasting runs KKNU as a full service, live, local station. It has the consistently top-rated morning show in the market, with three solid, likable personalities who’ve been in the market for decades. They keep a warm body in the studio 24/7, their engineering is second-to-none, they pay cash for prime-time TV spots during the book, they sponsor prominent events, they spend tens-of-thousands of dollars every year on programming research.

    KKNU is number one because of ownership/management’s commitment to a solid product and an investment that returns. Cumulus (and others who have tried to compete) is committed only to its own bravado.


    …..”If Cumulus was smart, they would use the voice-tracked option, and program their own Hot AC music into the show. If Cumulus was smart, they would use the voice-tracked option, and program their own Hot AC music into the show.

    No if Cumulus was smart they would learn how to win with live local focused talent and content! The above post re Mac River says it all!!!


    ….BILL CRAWFORD will be PD/MD and do mornings.

    Good for him!

    Anyone have an active email for Bill? he sent me a linkedin invite, but I don’t do social media.


    Here is a letter from a RG reader in regards to the National Anthem.

    Management should make the choice..NOT a PD who sits in his office and chains smokes and from the last time I heard threw things at employees.

    Isn’t it the objective to make money and not turn away from business.

    Station should sell anthem spot

    I recently contacted McKenzie River Broadcasting in an attempt to have my company, Hyland Auto Sales, sponsor the playing of the national anthem weekdays at 8 a.m. That’s being done at a radio station in the Portland area, and I really like the idea.

    The company’s sales representative sent this response to my request: “Currently, we do have the Pledge of Allegiance that plays one morning per week, Monday at 6:50 a.m. It is being sponsored. After that, we don’t do anything like this, and the program director would prefer to not do anything like this beyond what we’re doing.”

    Once I calmed down, I responded to his e-mail and apologized for being too patriotic for KKNU-FM. I said, “I find it hard to believe that your station would deny me the right to play our country’s national anthem. After all, I would be paying for the airtime.”

    It boggles my mind that in these tough economic times, when the entire country is in turmoil, a locally owned radio station would choose not to play the truly magnificent tribute to our freedom and heritage, especially when the station would be profiting from it.

    It’s just another example of what’s tearing this once-great country apart and leaving the children of tomorrow with little to no pride in being Americans.


    I now work for a station that plays the National Anthem every morning, and they don’t make any money off of it.

    Joe Ferguson

    Regarding the RG published letter, has anyone else noticed that Oregonian still does the same thing. Anytime a local radio station did something good for the community or some individual, if the paper reported it they always identify the station as “a local radio station” however if there is anything negative that they can report, they ALWAYS list the station’s call letters.

    Just sayin’

    Talk amongst yourselves. 8)


    They’ve done it this way for at least 40 years!


    Anyone know if/when KNRQ is moving north? Seems like that’s been hanging in the breeze forever. I’ll miss Emma & Justin, one of the best “bantering” morning duos, will be sorry if they leave Eugene. (I’m not in the biz, just a listener)


    They, and the KNRQ format will likely reappear on another frequency.


    KNRQ has to wait for KACI 97.7 The Dalles to move to 93.5. At some point, a station in Seaside needs to move from 98.1 to 96.5, in order for them to increase power.


    When 97.9 moves to Portland, KNRQ will most likely move to 103.7, as EMF and Cumulus are already swapping signals in Nashville and Mobile. EMF could end up with 95.3 in Eugene, while “The Score” moves to 98.5 and 96.1 HD2.


    I speculate 97.9 will be sold to Alpha, after the move. They’re one FM short and are probably dying to even out their ownership with CC and Entercom.

    Just because Cumulus and EMF worked out a deal in the south, doesn’t mean they are going to do it here. Although anything is possible!

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