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    I would be surprised if powerlines run up to Prairie Peak. It’s an expensive proposition – even with a cost-sharing mode among the different station owners.

    One hint to identifying generator-only broadcast sites is the usually large number of antenna elements , e.g 8, 10, or even 12-bay with a beam-tilt … less transmitter output power needed to produce the same ERP. Less xmtr output power equates to petrol savings and/or a smaller solar plant

    Andy Brown

    And tons of multipath.


    I’m sure power lines are underground along with other infrastructure. Look at these two pieces of information from Silke Communications. They own the tower and etc hosting KDUK/KFLY/KEZI.


    KOCF-LP, Veneta just concluded a successful test transmission from Bolton Hill. A few more puzzle pieces need to go in before it’s permanent though, including loading a new computer, and of course some promotional Fanfaire. Official upgrade date TBD.


    Today I was travelling through Eugene up I5, listening to KOCF on my Sangean HDR-16. It briefly got above the stereo threshold on two occasions. It’s easy to tell on this radio, whether or not there is stereo programming. The threshold is quite high, basically the HD threshold. It doesn’t approach that level at my location near Sheldon Plaza, but is much better than it was.


    KRVM just posted their annual public audit for their FY ended June 30th 2020.

    Highlights: In spite of the pandemic and all the related uncertainty, the station’s net position improved by $156K. Assets exceed liabilities by $576K, up from $419K in 2019. CPB granted them an additional $112K for COVID relief. Removing that bonus CPB grant from the equation, the station’s net assets still increased. Individual memberships and donations were up by 13%.


    I can get KOCF in the car reasonably well on the east side near Franklin & Walnut now. It’s a little iffy in the lower Laurel Hill Valley but that’s true for a lot of stations.

    Unfortunately there was a high-frequency background noise in the signal that kind of came and went. I’d estimate it was around 5KHz (just a guess). The audio sounded very “bright” too. FM pre-emphasis?

    I hate to be that guy.

    But it’s definitely coming in better on the east side now.

Viewing 7 posts - 976 through 982 (of 982 total)
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