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    I’m reminded of a story many years ago when KRVM had remote studios in all four Eugene high schools. Bob Rathman was still the general manager, and he had just been out to one of the high schools to give them a lecture on professionalism after a student had been giving away condoms over the air.
    A few days later he was monitoring at the main studio on North Monroe when he heard the words, “SHIT, SON OF A BITCH” shouted over the air. He immediately hit a PSA spot and took over. Right away the phone rang, an older lady calling to complain. It turns out the culprit was none other than a broadcast instructor at the high school in question. A mic was left on in a production booth, and he dropped a heavy typewriter on his foot.



    Best DJ Radio

    The Eugene Weekly published a brief article about the best radio voices in Eugene.
    . Hey!!! The author forgot Randy Painter!



    A note buried in the InsideRadio “Deal Digest” for 24 October caught my eye. What were the UO Foundation leadership and KWAX management thinking???!!! They just “gave away” a relay station that was an important classical music respite for folks traveling I-5 and local residents…. Probably was not “strategic” – right?. Maybe neither is my contribution to their regular membership drives

    Yes, KWAX has a Roseburg translator but it is not the same as a more “protected coverage” facility.

    “Oregon – Brooke Communications closes a $25,000 deal to buy classical KWRZ, Cayonville, OR (92.3) from the University of Oregon. Brooke Communications already owns five stations in the area including CHR “i-101 FM” KSKR-FM, “Best Country 103” KRSB-FM, adult hits “104.3 Sam FM” KKMX, “News Radio 1240” KQEN and sports “1490 The Score” KSKR. The University still airs “Classical Oregon” on five full-power stations and eight FM translators around the station from its flagship KWAX, Eugene, OR.”

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    As far as I can tell KWAX is still only heard on three full-powered stations: Eugene, Florence, Redmond. Back in 2010 KWAX applied for a 900-watt signal on 91.7 in Depot Bay but the FCC dismissed the application..

    Perhaps an expensive tower rental was involved with the Canyonville decision as I-5 is a cellphone corridor.

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    Financial statements for KWAX, KLCC, and KRVM for fiscal years ended June 2018 (latest data available):

    KWAX is running at a small annual loss. Total cash on hand was only $2,807.

    KLCC seems to roughly break-even, with about $860K cash on hand. (I guess they just couldn’t bear to part with a few % of that to get HD working properly).

    KRVM is running slightly in the black, with around $200K cash on hand.


    brian marchand

    I have been trying to follow the sale of KWRZ 92.3 and have found nothing. The 97.9 translator in Roseburg, OR K250BK is a fill-in for KWRZ 92.3 so it would need to be downgraded if it no longer simulcasts KWRZ. But KWRZ is now either off the air or a different format so it can not simulcast it any longer. The legal ID for there stations was still giving KWRZ when I heard it last week until when I heard this Monday morning it is no longer. The KWAX website had not been updated but still lists KWRZ 92.3. One solution I thought would be for K250BK to simulcast an HD2 signal but they did not give a legal ID for any HD sub-channel. Selling KWRZ for only 25,000 did not make sense to me.



    The Roseburg translator K250BK runs at 190 watts ERP and is fed off-air from KWAX per the authorization. It is not a fill-in tevhnically but has a fill-in power level .
    As a Duck School grad and semi-regular donor to KWAX I do care about its regional presence. Indeed, I did get a detailed tesponse back from the KWAX GM explaining the economics of sale, underlying regulsr expense, etc.. all valid in these Internet-centric days ; I still think the price was below market.

    Some public radio stations are adjusting their portfolios… both selling and buying. Here in DC WAMU sold off its suburban Spotsylvania station and now has its Ocean City outlet also on the market. Meanwhile WVTF/Idea Stations just paid $2.1 million to pick up EMF’s Richmond outlet…cannibalizing the local NPR market… Current Magazine has more insight into the economics,,,,



    KWRZ is based in Canyonville, if I read Radio Locator correctly. How would that signal be worth more than $25,000? You are not reaching a huge population. Are you guys saying there is a huge number of classical music listeners playing slots at Seven Feathers?

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