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    lastday, sorry about that.

    Here are the bi-annual Nielson totals from the past couple of years for KZEL…

    4.7, 5.2, 4.3, 5.5

    Currently ranked #5 overall. The stations above it are:

    1. KKNU (McKenzie)
    2. KDUK (Bicoastal)
    3. KEUG (McKenzie)
    4. KMGE (McKenzie)

    Alan Craig

    Ahh, the good old days when ratings mattered. Here’s a little surprise breakout:
    Mornings Men 25-54
    #1 KDUK #2 KKNU #3 KZEL

    ” ” Woman 25-54
    #1 KDUK #2 KMGE #3 KKNU


    “Something to do with the plate voltage inside transmitter” is the transmitter problem. How serious is that?”

    Pure speculation. If an old(er) FM transmitter with two Class C electrical valve pre and final amplifier sections, very large plate voltages are derived from the very large transformer at the cabinet base. Replacement XFMRs are probably not available. I think Conrad Denke in Seattle used to rewind them for a fee.
    for grins:


    Thanks for those links.

    Probably Dumb Question: Are public radio stations in the Eugene market absent from the ratings because they don’t “subscribe”? Or because their ratings are so abysmal they don’t even register? I find it unbelievable that KLCC isn’t on that list.


    A station that does not subscribe to Nielsen will not appear in the published ratings. That goes for non-commercial and commercial stations alike. I’m guessing that is why commercial stations KEED, KKNX, KNND, KORE and KXOR don’t show up. I am guessing KEED is probably performing pretty well at this point. Classic Country was a format Eugene needed.


    Plate voltage refers to the DC power supply voltage that runs a tube amplifier stage. It is critical.


    Thanks all for the info.


    KRVM AM-HD has been down now for quite a while. Brief polite email inquiries to specific personnel there go unanswered. An online donation no longer generates a Thank You email.

    Highly uncharacteristic.

    Maybe I said something wrong. Maybe I smell bad.

    Is something going on?



    KRVM AM-HD will be back. Nautel is doing a factory update to some piece of HD gear.

    Apparently there was a period of about 6 weeks when my emails weren’t getting through to KRVM *and* I wasn’t receiving email from them. Strange.

    Everything is said to be fine there. Nothing to see, move along.


    KRVM did not make their on-air goal of $57K for their big fall pledge drive. I suspect there are just too many “asks” combined with unfortunate timing.

    KLCC’s pledge drive hits right before KRVM.

    Lane County Assessor property tax bills went out at the same time. My tax bill is insane.

    The November ballot is asking for more money for new school bonds etc.

    Everyone with a 401K likely saw a big drop in value due to market gyrations.


    This from Al Access:

    Applying for an STA was CUMULUS LICENSING LLC (KZEL-F/EUGENE, OR, reduced power due to transmitter problems).


    They finally filed an STA? With KZEL having the rights to broadcast Ducks football, I wonder if they’ve been trying to keep their reduced coverage area on the down-low.


    KLCC’s HD exciter failed on Nov. 27th. Due to the high cost of repair, plus higher utility bills to operate HD gear, they’ve made the decision to abandon HD entirely across all their terrestrial broadcasting (like KLBR in Bend). 🙁

    KRVM-AM HD has been down now for several months. Don’t know what’s going on with that.

    KRVM-FM is now the only HD station here.


    My source says KRVM-AM HD will be back, probably in January (that will make about 2 people very happy). And KRVM has no plans to drop HD Radio, period.


    I’m a little bummed about KLCC. I understand their reasoning, but it still sucks.


    That extra 10% of power (at max.)? Way to be forward thinking, public radio.

    When KUOW up here dropped their multicasting (with no notice), I moved my donations to the other NPR affiliate. Got a nice followup call, asking why, so I told her. Got a “what’s HD radio, we had that?” back in response.

    More than 50% of all new cars are now sold with HD installed. And ALL Subarus are, which seems pertinent in Eugene. Alas.

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