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    Well KZEL-HD1 is up again. Still no return of HD for KWAX.

    Speaking of KWAX… Is there any other public radio station with more translators & repeaters?

    KWAX is simulcast on the following stations and translators:

    88.5 FM in Redmond, Oregon (KWRX)

    91.5 FM in Florence, Oregon (KWVZ)

    92.3 FM in Canyonville, Oregon (KMKR)

    90.9 FM in Sunriver, Oregon

    91.3 FM in Newport, Oregon

    92.9 FM in Salem, Oregon

    96.7 FM in Myrtle Creek, Oregon

    98.9 FM in Bend, Oregon

    101.9 FM in Cottage Grove, Oregon

    105.3 FM in Roseburg, Oregon

    107.1 FM in Sutherlin, Oregon


    “Speaking of KWAX… Is there any other public radio station with more translators & repeaters?”

    Top of the hour ID just now on OPB included 16 stations and they didn’t mention their many translators, which I assume are identified by FSK code or other means.


    How about OPB Radio?

    KOPB-FM 91.5 Portland

    KOAC-FM 89.7 Astoria

    KEPB (AM) 1600 Eugene

    KOAC (AM) 550 Corvallis

    KRBM FM 90.9 Pendleton

    KETP (FM)88.7 Enterprise

    KOGL-FM 89.3 Gleneden Beach

    KOJD (FM) 89.7 John Day

    KHRV (FM) 90.1 Hood River

    KOAB-FM 91.3 Bend

    KOAP (FM) 88.7 Lakeview

    KOBK (FM) 88.9 Baker City

    KOBN (FM) 90.1 Burns

    KOTD (FM) 89.7 The Dalles

    KTMK (FM) 91.1 Tillamook

    KTVR-FM 88.9 La Grande

    CP: KOHP 90.7 FM Hines


    Corvallis 103.1 FM

    Halfway 91.3 FM

    Happy Hollow 93.5 FM

    Nedonna Beach 106.5 FM

    Ontario 107.5 FM

    Richland 91.9 FM

    Silver Lake (Lake County) 91.7 FM

    Valley Falls (Lake County) 91.1 FM

    Wagontire (Harney County) 90.3 FM


    What about JPR Stations?

    Classics service:

    KSOR 90.1 FM Ashland/Medford

    KSRG 88.3 FM Ashland/Medford

    KZBY 90.5 FM Coos Bay

    KLMF 88.5 FM Klamath Falls

    KOOZ 94.1 FM Myrtle Point

    KSRS 91.5 FM Roseburg

    KLDD 91.9 FM Mount Shasta, CA

    KNHT 107.3 FM Rio Del/Eureka, CA

    KNYR 91.3 FM Yreka, CA


    Bandon 91.7

    Brookings 91.1

    Camas Valley 88.7

    Canyonville 91.9

    Cave Junction 98.5

    Chiloquin 91.7

    Coquille 88.1 & 91.9

    Coos Bay 89.1

    Gold Beach 91.5

    Grants Pass 101.5

    Lakeview 89.5

    Langlois/Sixes 91.3

    LaPine/ Beaver Marsh 89.1

    Lincoln 88.7

    Port Orford 90.5

    Big Bend, CA 91.3

    Burney, CA 90.9

    Crescent City, CA 91.1

    Etna/Fort Jones, CA 91.1

    Gasquet, CA 89.1

    Happy Camp, CA 91.9

    Mendocino, CA 101.9

    Redding, CA 90.9

    Weed, CA 89.5

    Rhythm (adult album alternative music) service:

    KSMF 89.1 FM Ashland/Medford

    KSBA 88.5 FM Coos Bay

    KSKF 90.9 FM Klamath Falls

    KNCA 89.7 FM Burney/Redding, CA

    KNSQ 88.1 FM Mount Shasta, CA


    Bandon 91.7

    Cave Junction 90.9

    Grants Pass 97.7

    Port Orford 89.3

    Roseburg 91.9

    Callahan/Fort Jones, CA 98.1

    Yreka, CA 89.3

    News & Information service:

    KSJK AM 1230 Talent/Ashland/Medford

    KRVM AM 1280 Eugene

    KAGI AM 930 Grants Pass

    KTBR AM 950 Roseburg

    KNHM FM 91.5 Bayside/Eureka, CA

    KPMO AM 1300 Mendocino, CA

    KMJC AM 620 Mount Shasta, CA

    KJPR AM 1330 Shasta Lake City/Redding, CA

    KSYC AM 1490 Yreka, CA


    Klamath Falls 90.5 & 91.9


    Eugene’s KNRQ has tweaked it’s branding to “Alternative 103-7 KNRQ” while the format sounds much the same.


    KLCC fired up HD2 again. Looks like they moved NPR from HD1 to HD2 like it used to be. They were playing music on HD1 Saturday.


    Someone alert the media!

    KLCC’s HD is completely down now

    KRVM-AM isn’t up (HD or otherwise)

    KWAX HD is still down


    Is KZEL HD down as well?


    Oh crap, I may be an idiot. The AM loop antenna leads were shorted together, thus no KRVM-AM. *looks around nervously* It’s up and in HD (such as it is).

    KZEL-HD is up. 🙂


    KRVM-FM’s HD2 has been in silence for a couple of weeks.


    KLCC-HD is UP! Hope it hangs in there for “Mist Covered Mountain” tomorrow morning.


    KRVM-HD2 programming is provided by a 3rd party for KRVM. My limited understanding is if there’s a data corruption in the audio stream it knocks KRVM’s processor offline. It then has to be rebooted. Something like that. The best part is the one person who knows how to fix it no longer works there. If I was KRVM I’d just shut off HD2 but hey that’s just me.


    Sounds like we need a team of surgeons, I mean engineers to go in a fix the problems.


    Conditions to the south must be good today I am hearing all Eugene FM HDs with the exception of KWAX which *must* be down:

    KLCC HD1 (but no HD2), KRVM (HD1 & HD2), KZEL HD1. KZEL is usually difficult to receive here because of first adjacent (Air 1) stations on either side of it (95.9 & 96.3).

    Am I missing any?


    DXing has been pretty good this weekend. I’ve been able to get solid reception from a couple Seattle-area stations.

    I think you got them all. KLCC HD2 is down again. KWAX HD has been down for quite a while now.

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