Engelbart demos first computer with mouse

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    Dan Packard

    50 years ago today, Portland native Doug Engelbart demonstrated a computer system that worked with a monitor, mouse and keyboard and allowed text editing, searching, linking, video conferencing, email and more. A revolutionary step ahead for the way we interact with computers and take for granted today.

    The geeky video from his presentation on Dec 9, 1968 is here,



    Hard to believe all of the basic of PC editing were in place fifty years ago!!! Thanks, Dan.



    Very lucid production! Xerox went on to develop the Alto, which basically presented computing as we know it today.



    …And it’s just been downhill ever since.



    Years ago, I heard that Bill Gates was resistant to the idea of the mouse because this peripheral requires that the user remove one hand from the keyboard. Is this story true?

    Nevertheless, I would have never guessed that in 1968, anything like this would have been possible. Even when I was growing up, I thought that the concept of video conferences, as presented on superhero childrens’ shows was over the top. I wondered, why does anybody need to see the people to whom they are talking? In retrospect, many of these shows were made after this demo took place.



    KVAL ran a story about this tonight on the 5 & 6 o’clock news.


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