Elon: Burning fossil fuels dumbest experiment ever

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    There was an interesting conservative take on alternative energy in this piece:

    Now, 88 years old, Bartlett lives in near obscurity, off the grid in the middle of nowhere in West Virginia. He was the first Congressman to drive a Prius, his compound runs solely on solar energy he built himself, he drinks water he has piped in himself. Bartlett is also staunchly conservative and doesn’t care to learn whether or not climate change is real, and he doesn’t care if humans are causing it or not.


    And so, Bartlett spent much of his time in Congress pushing alternative fuels. Not because he cared about the environment, but because he realized American scientists and businesses could get rich by developing something new and better. We have the means, the financial incentive, and the imperative to switch to clean energy.

    Check that out. It’s good for the economy, precisely what a whole lot of people, including myself, have been saying.

    Who knew? I agree with that conservative.

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