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    With all the diginet/subchannel changes occurring over the last few months. I’d thought I post the channel lineups for ecumenical programing. And some of the changes going on with our local religious broadcasters.

    Here is the current channel lineup in the area.

    24-1 480i KNMT TBN
    24-2 480i TCC Church Channel
    24-3 480i COMBO JUCE TV/Smile of a Child
    24-5 480i SALSA TBN Salsa
    26-1 480i KJYY NCB-TV
    36-1 480i KEVE Better Life TV
    36-2 480i KEVE2 Better Life Health TV
    36-3 720i KEVE3 3ABN Hope Channel
    42-1 1080i KPXG Daystar
    46-1 480i KGWZ Leased Programing (Daystar)

    Spanish Language
    24-4 480i Enlace TBN Enlace
    36-4 480i KEVE4 3ABN La Esperanza

    Two channels are running in HD, two others are in Spanish. And one channel is duplicating the same programing.

    Last year KEVE-LD added two new channels. And Daystar is now on KPXG-LD.

    TBN has posted on there facebook page. They will start a new channel called Grace TV. This diginet will replace both Smile of a child and Juce TV network currently shown on there dot 3 channel.


    TBN in financial turmoil

    They just recently add Hillsong Church Channel. Base in the land down under.


    There maybe some some more programing changes in works for TBN network. Which locally owns KNMT/24 in Portland. After the first of the year. There is a plan to change dot 3 channel. Just like there dot 2 channel changed programing a few months ago.

    It seems no matter what type of programing TBN is broadcasting. TBN isn’t seeing that much viewership of it channels. Along with donations that go along to support it. Meanwhile TBN network is being run by the heirs of the Crouch family. After the passing of Paul and Jane Crouch.

    Just this year KPXG/22 moved there operations. From downtown over to KNMT building in NE Portland.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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