Economy slows to a crawl!

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    Deane Johnson

    Somehow, Vitalogy must have missed this fact as I know he likes to keep us accurately up to date on the economy.

    I wonder what this will do to Obama’s “soaring” approval rating.


    Well, we can all take solace in the fact that a number like this will give the O’Haters something to jerk off to today.


    One report is not a trend.


    Many analysts say the United States is likely to snap back into gear for the rest of the year, following the pattern of 2014, when growth was slow in the winter and then picked up. They note that the labor market is still strong, consumer confidence is high, and warming weather should lead to an uptick in spending. In addition, the nation was also tripped up by another temporary factor in the first quarter — a labor dispute at West Coast ports that caused supply chain interruptions throughout the country.


    Things could be better.

    Sure, poke fun at President Obama and Democrats, but also pay close attention to the lack of clear, positive, fact based, data driven policy visions from Republicans.

    GOP 2016: Some fresh new faces on the same old shit.


    Yeah, those fresh new faces don’t seem to really exist, except for Rubio, who could possibly get by all the former GOP obstacles. He is a very good communicator and may offer a mainstream approach that might be able to overcome the usual GOP obstacles. I think he is their best bet. However, unless Clinton implodes, he probably would lose to her.


    I don’t think Rubio has a chance in Hades of winning the Republican nomination. Much more likely is the former Govenor of his state Jeb Bush who is seen as successful Govenor.


    Jeb will draw the most money and outspend everyone. I think it’s Bush vs Clinton…again.


    Yeah, you are right about Rubio Paul.

    Ok, so it’s RUBIO 2016! Fresh new face on the same old shit.



    I like Rubio. I like the way he thinks. But he wont make the top of the ticket . but possibly a VP candidate, IMO


    And so…is Hillary ‘ Fresh ” ?

    Not lately she aint …


    let’s see… one party full of bat shit crazy, and one not crazy.

    What other discussion is there?

    Honestly, if we ignore the crazy, the dialog between progressives, such as Warren and sanders, vs coin operated dems, clinton, et al… is the right discussion to have.

    Dems are generally having what once was a complete debate within just the party!

    Meanwhile, over in the crazy party, who the fuck knows?

    Andy Brown

    Published yesterday:

    The economy is growing, employers keep adding jobs, and unemployment is falling; however, the pace of improvements is modest and leaves many families economically vulnerable. Long-term unemployment is still high, as is poverty and economic inequality. And wages are growing very slowly, while employers are offering few benefits to their employees. The result is that American middle-class families of all stripes—but especially communities of color, single women, and households with less education—continue to struggle economically in this expanding economy.

    1. Economic growth, while positive, has been lackluster for years.

    2. Improvements to U.S. competitiveness fall behind previous business cycles.

    3. The housing market is still only a shadow of its former self.

    4. The outlook for federal budgets improves.

    5. Moderate labor-market gains follow in part from modest economic growth.

    6. Employers cut back on health and pension benefits.

    7. Some communities continue to struggle disproportionately from unemployment.

    8. The rich continue to pull away from most Americans.

    9. Corporate profits stay elevated near pre-crisis peaks.

    10. Corporations spend much of their money to keep shareholders happy.

    11. Poverty is still widespread.

    12. Household debt is still high.

    Details and support for each numbered statement with graphs:


    Cities in the West and Southwest are experiencing economic growth exceeding records set before the financial crisis, with young, educated workers creating housing shortages and traffic jams as they drive up wages.

    “The decline in manufacturing in the East, combined with an increase in service and technology jobs, is moving the country’s economic gravity westward,” said Kenan Fikri, a researcher at Washington’s Brookings Institution. “Compared to eastern cities, those in the West don’t have the economic baggage that comes from an industrial legacy.”

    The center of U.S. population is moving steadily – it’s now in Texas County, Missouri, farthest west since the U.S. Census Bureau began tracking it in 1790. The movement is accelerating as workers ages 25 to 34 move that way in disproportionate numbers.


    The US is very far behind in the following areas:

    Tech education at the primary and high school level

    Access to same vocational

    Robotics education and training. That is my new niche. Wrote my first industrial robot program today. Long way to go. Tons of money to be made.

    There are about 250 to 280K small and mid sized manufacturers in the US today. This number is on an upward trend.

    (TPP could derail that, I am unsure)

    Education and skills training problems inhibit us from putting our workforce to better use. Private companies cite training and skill gaps as primary reasons for wanting more h1b type visas.

    Public Works could deliver very serious stimulus and build much needed infrastructure as much as improve demand, both of which would create jobs and encourage more private investment.

    Despite these things, we are making tepid to sometimes good gains.

    There remains a whole lot to do.

    My .02

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