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    And I am sorry for the mess above. For some reason, I was unable to see the result of posts for a while this weekend.


    “I do notice the silence afterword. We’ve seen it a few times now.”

    Complete silence, as in he can’t be bothered with posting unless he’s getting paid. This board may very well be site #17 out of 25 a day he must hit to collect $75 a week.


    Contrary to leftist spin here, I simply thought I’d give the losers a breather. Precisely as I predicted, the Republicans did just fine.

    So spin all you want. Fact is, if Democrats could trade election results, they would. But given Barry’s abysmal governance and pathetic Democrat positions on numerous issues important to voters, it’s the left’s goose that’s cooked. This helps spell it out:

    “President Obama says he intends to act quickly to offer executive amnesty to illegal immigrants, and aides say that move could come as soon as this week. This need for haste may be due to his party growing weaker with each passing election.

    Since Obama was first elected, Democrats have lost at least 14 Senate seats. (Louisiana is another likely loss.) The party has lost more than 70 seats in the House, and will field its smallest caucus in the next Congress since before FDR. Only 18 states have Democrat governors, compared to 29 states when Obama took office. Around 1,000 state legislative seats have shifted to the Republicans. The GOP will control 68 of the nation’s 99 state legislative chambers, again the largest disparity since before FDR.

    In the immediate aftermath of the Republican midterm landslide, Senate Democrats prepared for their return to the minority by elevating Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren to their leadership team. The move was reported as an acknowledgement by Democrats that they needed to better communicate their “message.” Setting aside the fact that every losing political party always says it needs to improve its messaging, the Warren appointment suggests the Democrat party is still in denial about the election results. Rarely has a political party lost so comprehensively up and down the ballot.

    Republicans won the governors’ mansions in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland, as well as holding almost all of its current seats. The GOP captured the New Mexico House, the Senates in Colorado, New York, Maine, and Washington. The party swept both chambers in Nevada. It made gains in almost every state.

    Politically, all the gains Democrats have made over the past 80 years have been reversed in just 6 years. Suspend science for a bit. If someone went into a coma in the 1920s and woke up today, the political balance of power would be roughly the same across the country as it was then.
    The losses of the last six years present Democrats with an enormous challenge. The current belief by many Democrats that Hillary Clinton will be their nominee in 2016 may be based on little more than the realization that the party has no other real option.

    There are few obvious candidates among their current crop of just 18 governors. The party’s most successful governor, Jerry Brown, would be almost 79 on inauguration day. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has a strong national pedigree, won reelection this year with an unimpressive 57% against an underfunded challenger. Governors Hickenlooper in Colorado and Kitzhaber in Oregon barely survived.

    When Hillary Clinton eventually exits the national stage, Democrats will face a long process of building a credible roster of candidates for national office. By contrast, probably around a dozen major Republican candidates can make compelling cases for a presidential run. This is the position into which the left has driven the Democrat party.

    Obama linked his own compelling personal narrative with a strong left-populist message. On the domestic front, Obama pushed a robust, activist government financed by higher taxes on wealthy earners. With Obamacare, he achieved an enormous expansion of federal power. It is hard to imagine Sen. Warren making this case better than Obama. The Democrats’ message itself is the problem.

    In the 2006 midterms, when Democrats captured Congress in George Bush’s second term, Democrats won male voters by three points. It won women voters by 12 points. This year, Democrats only won women by four points and lost men by sixteen points. The party lost married women by ten points. The electorate in 2006 was less urban, more rural, and much “whiter” than the electorate in 2014.

    Democrats lost white voters by four points eights years ago. Last time, it lost white voters by 22 points, losing white men by a 2-1 margin. This year, Democrats only won among voters who went to graduate school or did not complete high school. Republicans won every other education level by eight to ten points. Republicans also won middle class voters by ten points. In 2006, middle class voters broke strongly for Democrats.

    The modern Democrat party is far better at rallying opposition than governing. Its eight-year run of being in power reversed all its recent and even long-term gains. It is currently in a worse position with the electorate than anyone alive can probably remember. With the November 4 election, the party is now safely back in its comfort zone of opposition.”



    I doubt Herb is paid. He’s just a pathetic has-been spewing his venom toward progressive society.

    Remember, Obama is still President and his veto pen will be fully loaded with ink to kill anything sent to him that doesn’t make sense.

    And also remember, 2016 will bring the hammer. It’s already apparent to me that Hillary will be president, and I will also call a flip to Dem control of the Senate in 2016. The House, due to the gerrymandering by the GOP, probably not in 2016 but who knows?

    Enjoy the next 2 years of owning the lowest rated Congress in history. It will be short lived.


    Herb: “Precisely as I predicted, the Republicans did just fine.”

    Precisely as you *always* predict, Herbie. You are the proverbial broken clock.

    And your obliviousness to the realities of the world are only dwarfed by your obliviousness to your relevance in any rational discussion held on this board. You are a sideshow clown who thinks he’s the main attraction.


    Herb, how did your OR votes work out for you? I’ll bet you were under 20%.

    Andy Brown

    Herb, the Republitards won because it was the lowest voter turnout since WWII. Not because of the reasons you posted or otherwise think in your twisted mind. All of the fat white racist misogynist pigs came out because like you, they are brainless twits that have been hypnotized by the big Koch brothers lie machine. The outcome has nothing to do with Obama’s policies. That is a right wing wet dream. It makes for nice allegory on this board but it’s just not true. Also, control of the dysfunctional Senate only means that the House bills that Harry Reid wouldn’t even bring to the floor for discussion because they were so retarded will finally get to the floor. It will make for great political theater, but in the end the ‘Tards will not be able to get 60 votes for cloture to get to an up or down vote to send it on to the Senate. The Democrats will just filibuster and prevent that from happening and the ‘Tards do not have 60 votes to get past that filibuster. Sound familiar? Mitch McConjob has been doing this for 6 years. Now Harry Reid will do it, and rightfully so. Obama will not even have to veto their crap because it will not get passed in the Senate. So take your over inflated giddiness (and that goes for you, too, F&B) and face reality. You righties may have won a Senate majority, but you have not gained control of the legislative process. Not only all that, but the ‘Tards can not win a presidential election without changing their approach to immigration and tax reform. The next election will be significantly better attended at the voting booth and you right wing bozos are royally screwed. So spin on, Herb. You’ve got two years to change the way all those fat white racist pigs feel about immigration, women’s rights, etc. We’ll still be here.


    The marginalized leftists on this board have far more than the most recent election to worry about.

    The perfect storm to gut Barrycare is now underway.

    “The reason Democrats are running from Gruber is the same reason conservatives should be thanking him: Gruber has exposed what liberals really think of the American people.”

    Spin on, 23%ers.



    It’s pretty good comedy, watching Herb and his RWNJ/O’Hater compadres strutting around with their Viagra-induced chubbies, thinking that they have some sort of huge “mandate” from this year’s election. They seem to forget that it was a plurality of a minority of voters on 11/4, and that there’s a whole lot more people out waiting to watch them screw this up. Repealing the ACA would be the start of that. (It won’t happen, BTW. Obama will veto whatever offal this loserly Congress churns out, if they barf up anything at all.)


    First, the 23 percenter number doesn’t apply to “lefties” overall. Of course you get to do that Herb, but it doesn’t carry any real weight.

    Too bad you were not the one to think it up. Worked a treat too. I own that one. It’s mine, I invoked it, used it, defined it, and am quite pleased to see you value it enough to attempt to leverage it. That really is a nice compliment. Appreciated.


    Now I had to borrow “shit in your hair”, but damn! It’s solid. My esteemed friend would be proud to see it resonant here. Maybe I’ll drop a link or two. Thanks for the reminder.

    Moving on then:

    So you drop yet another hit piece on the ACA?

    This is simple. Most Americans are seeing a benefit, and it’s Democrats who got the USA started on the long road to a better health care policy. I love the ACA, and it’s a fine start down that road. Again, a start the Democrats brought us. I could not be more pleased with that development.

    Personally, the ACA freed me to make better use of my time and change career paths due to it bringing me a much lower cost and risk exposure on health care. Sadly, the lack of the ACA, or a similar policy advancement, due to the Stupid Party, who thinks we are stupid, did me great harm at a time in my life that proved and is proving difficult to recover from.

    That’s a primary reason why I never, ever, ever vote Republican. Republicans simply do not align with my best interests, needs or wants. Republicans also are consistently number one with racists, bigots and theocrats, a state of affairs I find deplorable.

    Gruber is making a bunch of dubious statements, and here are two that speak to policy and people we can examine more closely:

    He knew when he was running for president that quite frankly the American public doesn’t actually care that much about the uninsured. . . .

    , and

    What the American public cares about is costs.

    He’s right about the latter statement. Americans are paying more than the second most expensive system in the world, and they get worse outcomes and higher cost and risk exposure while doing so.

    This is unacceptable and everybody knows it.

    The former one, where he says we don’t care about the uninsured is both redundant in that appropriate costs would do a lot to cut down on how many of us are uninsured, and it ignores the fact that having uninsured people actually drives up costs too.

    But, it’s also quite divisive in that “blame those other people” kind of way, where his assumption that everybody is just out to get theirs cheap, fuck “those other people” is divisive, unproductive, and simply wrong.

    If asked what people would prefer, universal style healthcare consistently ranks at the top.

    Finally, do you know WHY the Stupid Party is continuing to beat up on the ACA?

    1. Democrats did it, they did not. Even though it’s their ideas, having the Democrats get credit for it, and they will get a lot of credit for the better reforms to come, means Republicans have to own trying to tear down the New Deal and the implications that will have on most ordinary people.

    2. The State of Vermont is currently moving to implement single payer, universal health care. This program is on schedule to start sometime in 2016, I believe. One of the better things about the ACA is that it left States to experiment with health care policy and Vermont is about to give us some GREAT data.

    3. The ACA has done a fair amount to control costs. Medicare / Medicaid abuses are reduced very significantly today, and that largely pays for the subsidy needed to make the ACA viable for lower income Americans.

    Now it’s true the better aspects of cost control most people desire are not in the bill, but the scope of the ACA was making health care more affordable, and it does that. In a very real sense, Americans are worried about cost, and for most of them, the ACA represents a nice positive impact on cost.

    But, the overall cost of the subsidy program remains high, as does the cost of health care delivery.

    This breaks down to health care ACCESS, which the ACA improves on nicely, delivering much better access at a cost many more Americans can afford. This brought the number of uninsured people way down as intended and legislated.

    There is also health care DELIVERY, which is currently out of scope, but for reforms intended to cut down on fraud and other excesses inherent in Medicaid and Medicare.

    Lots of word-smithing there, and none of it good. The Obama administration is doing well by making sure there is some distance between them and this clown.

    Here is what these GOP fuckers aren’t talking about:

    Cost / Life Expectancy



    it’s just brutal.

    Lots of work to do here going forward, and until we see meaningful policy visions intended to improve the state of health care policy in the USA from the Stupid Party, who thinks you are stupid, their near constant attempts to marginalize the ACA is laughable and I would argue, nefarious, due to the severe consequences a failure to continue with health care reform will have on the lives of ordinary Americans and our overall economic status as a nation.

    Fuck these people. They don’t represent me AT ALL. They don’t ever post anything at all I can identify with and associate to improvements in my life, nor that of the vast majority of my peers.

    Hell, they have not even shown they can govern, as we all read this, contemplating another Government shut down in some attempt to get their way, while avoiding any meaningful discussion on it’s merits. (which are dubious at the very best, which is why there is no discussion)


    Herb, the Republitards won because it was the lowest voter turnout since WWII. Not because of the reasons you posted or otherwise think in your twisted mind. All of the fat white racist misogynist pigs came out because like you, they are brainless twits that have been hypnotized by the big Koch brothers lie machine. The outcome has nothing to do with Obama’s policies. That is a right wing wet dream. It makes for nice allegory on this board but it’s just not true.

    How stupid and irresponsible for Democrats to stay home and let this great evil occur. If they let “brainless twits” win, what does that say about how smart THEY are?

    It’s interesting that misogynistic racists elected the first black Republican woman to congress, btw.

    Andy Brown

    F&B: “It’s interesting that misogynistic racists elected the first black woman to congress, btw.”

    Nice try ace. Maybe the first Republitard black woman, but not the first black woman.

    You talk about context and accuracy you dimwit, but the first black woman elected to Congress was Shirley Chisholm in 1968, a Democrat.

    You have only proven that the GOP is 46 years behind the times.


    Democrats have stayed home the last few elections of this kind. Second term mid term elections just currently do not turn out the vote well.

    I don’t think anybody staying home realizes what it takes to make meaningful progress. Regular votes are the foundation. A bunch of ’em stayed home due to their own party running away from it’s best platform items. I’ve a lot to say why that is, but some other day.

    Where turnout was good and the party platform represented, Dems did well.

    In many States, voting is a mess too. Large numbers of voters being suppressed.

    It would be good to break this cycle. I’m not sure anybody knows how.


    Americans are angry about Barrycare, which is now at an abysmal low for popularity.

    No matter how much lipstick you use, it’s still a big, fat, unpopular pig.

    Get used to it, leftists. You’re in for a hard ride.

    “ObamaCare continues to suffer sagging support among the American people, according to a new poll taken just as the now infamous Jonathan Gruber videos began to emerge earlier this month.

    According to Gallup, the president’s health care law has hit yet another new low in public approval, and a new high in disapproval, as the second enrollment period opened for Americans to sign up.

    …Judge Jeanine Pirro launched a devastating, detailed attack on the deceitful tactics of Jonathan Gruber and the Obama administration, arguing that they conspired to commit fraud and that prosecution should follow.

    Judge Jeanine’s summary of “Gruber-gate” and the “conspiracy” to defraud the American public is both comprehensive and compelling.”



    Americans want better health care policy and they see the rest of the world has it. Iraq has universal health care in it’s Constitution, and we helped make sure it got in there too, but no such luck for Americans.


    Republicans do not have a better solution.

    The ACA could have been much better, but Republicans were unified in their opposition to better health care policy, have no meaningful alternative, and worked to dilute the benefit of the ACA.

    Approval is tepid due to Republican opposition and dilution, and it indicates the ACA is not good enough.

    One party got us started, the other one is happy to let people die, go bankrupt and experience shoddy care for lack of any meaningful options.

    Bring better policy visions Herb, or shut the fuck up.

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