Ducks Rose Bowl, easy to see — not

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    I’m wondering what Chip Kelly is thinking about right at this moment?


    Oregon is opening at -7 to -7.5 favorites in Vegas.


    There’s a karmic aspect to this, as well. Back in 1939, the NCAA held its first-ever basketball tournament, and it was Oregon beating Ohio State for that first-ever trophy. I have a pretty good feeling about this being a repeat of that scenario.

    Master of Disaster

    Since it will be mentioned at some point: the title game will be Monday the 12th at 5:30 PM Pacific on: ESPN! Make those plans now. (Or grab a AM radio.)

    Deane Johnson

    I found watching the Rose Bowl an interesting experience. I’m not a sports follower, but with my big screen I’m finding football a bit interesting to watch.

    I think I discovered something watching Oregon play. Nebraska has some outstanding players, some good players and some also rans, but they’re players. I decided the difference between Nebraska and Oregon is that Oregon has a “team” while Nebraska has “players”. That’s why Oregon was in the Rose Bowl and Nebraska wasn’t.

    It was fun to watch on the big screen how well Oregon functioned as a “team”.


    It’s an aspect that doesn’t get enough examination on Oregn’s behalf. Not only have they promoted from within as they replace head coaches, but the assistants have been there for many, many years. They have a system set up, and they continue to hone it, year in, year out. They get players to fit in that system, and then coach the hell out of it. It works. The record over the past 20 years speaks for itself. The only thing that’s missing is that big trophy.


    This was one of the biggest wins by UO in it’s history. My biggest fear was that a couple of weeks off would interrupt their mojo. Clearly that was not the case.

    And one thing to think about, if we were still under the BCS format, neither Ohio St or UO would be playing. The BCS would have matched up FSU vs Alabama.

    I think a lot of the naysayers of the playoff format have their faces stuffed with crow right about now.


    True that. These people have never understood how much money will be made on this single game. It was absolutley mind-shattering as to how the same people who were watching the NCAA make kajillions of dollars on March Madness were fighting a FBS football playoff. The details about how the finalists for this first-ever event would not have been in the game under the BCS formula is just icing on the cake.

    Moving onto the game itself, I do believe that Oregon will prevail. Though the personnel are completely different than the Rose Bowl teams that met in 2010, the Ducks learned a lot about tOSU and competing on the national scale in that game. THAT game helped start on a resculpting of the team, especially in the trenches. the recruiting since then has helped to make sure that Oregon could compete physically, as well as mentally. Did everyone see Meyer’s “Oh, shit!” moment after the Sugar Bowl?

    I’m not trying to be cocky, but I see Oregon dominating in the Championship. tOSU is big and mean and quick, with a cyborg for a QB. The difference is that Oregon has played a team like this and won. They’ve played QB’s that are WAY better than this kid. Mr. Jones is going to have a much more difficult time than he did against ‘Bama. The Rose Bowl showed that no matter how bad Oregon’s offense is playing, if you keep giving them chances, they will crush you, and not in a pretty way. As long as Oregon can hold up even just a little bit on the O-line, and keep Jones from running, they’re going to destroy tOSU.


    I like Oregon as well. Cardale Jones is a third-string quarterback, yes, but he was also the #15 recruit, nationally, in his class. Not at his position, but overall. Dude can play.

    That said, he’s no Marcus Mariota. His decision making is what you would expect for someone with two career starts, and Oregon is probably the best in the nation at turning takeaways into points. That was the difference against Florida State; stats wise, the two offenses weren’t far apart. The difference was that Oregon turned five FSU turnovers into 34 points. Five takeaways, five touchdowns.

    Ohio State has more stars on their recruits and kids, but Oregon has much more and better depth, the best quarterback in the college game today (and, IMO, for quite some time), and an opportunistic defense that is aggressive and forces the issue.

    Deane hits on a huge point – the Ducks are a TEAM. Nebraska, and so many others, are a bunch of individuals that often don’t buy into the team aspect. The Ducks all have one common goal – win. Together. As one cohesive unit. I personally think that is Mariota’s greatest asset, and one that will make him a wildly successful NFL quarterback.

    This ol’ Coug is hoping the Ducks bring it home.


    There is another angle to this story:

    We were caught in this as I was in PDX for the game and attempted to watch using the new Chromecast widget. Pretty cool device actually. I have cable at my house so I could access the WatchESPN app using my Comcast login…

    Worked beautifully until 2 minutes into the game. Then I had to get out a radio and tune into 750 AM.

    They apparently did not realize the demand that would be caused by not having the event on OTA TV and thus the system crashed, which it has apparently done before during high demand events.

    Either they didn’t anticipate the amount of cord cutters or they don’t care.


    I happen to be in Columbus today.

    There’s a whole lotta red here!

    I’ll be looking for a sports bar for the game tonight and generally trying to keep a low profile.


    OK folks, it’s game day! Who wins? I say Oregon. ESPN, by the way, is treating this like a Super Bowl, with appregame show due to start at 2pm PT ahead of a 5:30 kickoff. ESPN2, by the way, will call the game from the studio, while ESPN has the on the scene play by play call from Cowboys Stadium.

    Best, Mike 😉


    When I drove through Portland this past Thursday afternoon was listening to the Game. John Canzano, the host, was talking about all the angst Ducks fans were feeling. He said, “why the angst…can’t we just enjoy the moment?” Right on the mark. I will be watching though I’m not a Duck or Beaver fan. But my sense is all of Oregon and maybe even some in Washington are Ducks fans tonight. May the team that scores the most points win. 🙂


    Meyer had a master plan, and enacted it with deadly precision. Congrats. He didn’t have to tack that one on at the end, though. That was pretty cheap. Helfrich learned some stuff from one of the big boys tonight.


    Thank goodness all this hype is over. Didn’t watch a minute of the game and really didn’t care that much. Yeah, would have been cool if the Ducks won, but hey, there will always be another “big game.”

    Now back to our regularly scheduled winter in Oregon.

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